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Separate app?

This is my first 1 Star in over 200 apps. Decided to try this app against the many others I have for tasks and spend the $. Surprised when I went to get the iPad app and have to pay again?!! Wasted $10 and will be deleting app.

Great, if I lived in a bubble

The app is well designed and I imagine it would be very useful for people who only need a simple task list. Unfortunately, there are a few tough limits. The only calendar this will sync with is the native IOS calendar - if you use Google Calendar you can’t link it with this app. If you rely on other tools, like a CRM or project management tool, you can’t link those tools with Zapier or an API - Things doesn’t have one. These limits both came as a surprise (it’s 2018) and they became obvious 10 minutes after buying the app. I should have stuck with Todoist. Wasted $10.

Add file attachments!!!!!!

The only reason I am commenting is to provide suggestions for improvement. If this app were able to allow for file attachments on tasks it would be beyond perfect. Please add this I can’t believe that files can’t be attached to tasks yet.

Really good app

Every app has some things that aren’t perfect. I used Things about 4 yrs ago, went away for awhile but now I’m back with Things 3. It’s a really great app that has great performance and syncing through the cloud to other devices is very fast. Has most everything I need in a to-do app. Highly recommended

The Best!!

I have tried a lot of apps and this by far suits my needs for organization. I am more productive now. I feel that I have more options of organizing the way I want to.

Very user friendly

I create to do lists every day and I Change them as needed, add notes etc. This app makes it simple. Would recommend!

Software as well designed as Things makes me more excited about being a software engineer

Enough said :)

You Should Buy 2Do, not this

Everyone who gave this 5 stars must be paid by Cultured Code. This app is not good at all. Very basic and isn’t even worth my time. You are all getting ripped off, especially if you bought it for iPhone, iPad, and Mac ($75). I saw some positive reviews on the web before I purchased the app and I am now questioning the validity of those websites. Complete and utter waste of money.


I just got the app yesterday and have already been very impressed by its many features. I think it is worth the $10. However I am only giving it four stars because the app requires you to purchase it on IPad and Mac separately which suddenly makes it quite an expensive tool.

Life changing

By far my favorite app for productivity. The only thing I wish it has was shared lists backed up by the cloud. It would be nice for a team project to work through things together on separate devices and have certain items update automatically. Super satisfied though!


I think I went into this hoping that I would be disappointed, because I use so many different apps. But then I went into the app to find out but I can literally put all those apps in one place and it sync effortlessly. Don’t look any further. This is the app you want for personal and for business

Perfect balance; better than OmniFocus

Wanted something less complicated than OmniFocus to do simpler to-do tasks. Everything in OmniFocus feels like you’re planning a moon landing and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I don’t have this issue with Things. It gives me just enough to get things (funny) off my mind, get them organized, and the calendar and reminder views are awesome. Could easily see Things replacing OmniFocus, even with OF 3 coming out. I’d like to see themes and to be able to tap the days/weeks/months to see them more in the upcoming section Awesome app!

Close to perfect

I have used in just about every task manager on iOS/Mac and am a bit of a connoisseur. This the first time I’ve seen one nail perfect amount of simplicity and power. Remarkably stable and well functioning, only updates I’d want are improving implementation of some things-such as how tags are done. For instance, I can’t tag multiple items at once and improvements to nesting. So far this my favorite task manager I’ve seen.

Not good for mixed environments

I use an iPhone and a PC in combination. I thought this would be OK, but as I started using Things3 I found the restriction of working only on my phone added too much friction to my lists and I stopped using it. I also found Things3 to be sluggish when loading new data sets, like Upcoming or sub-lists. This also added friction that would be better eliminated. That said, I really like the design of the product, and if I only used Mac products I would gladly have purchased it for all environments and been very satisfied. If “all Mac” describes your technology, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, I would advise using a different “to do” program that allows use on all of your devices not just your phone.

iPhone version lacking features from Mac Version

I am a longtime Todoist user, however, I didn’t want to renew my annual subscription, so I bought Things3 after reading several online articles. After spending a couple hours setting up all my projects (about 60 were tracked in Todoist), I found out that the most basic feature is missing - the ability to attach files/images. I am used to attaching pictures, pdf’s, barcodes, emails etc. into my Projects. This is very disappointing as I had really looked forward to using Things3 as my replacement to Todoist’s subscription. If this ability existed, this would be a 5-Star rating without hesitation.

Works perfectly with GTD

I did lots of research on apps that work with the GTD system and this was the best one by far. The setup is easy and the online help is great. I also like that I can sync my IPad and IPhone.

No Google Calendar

No way to sync Google Calendar to this app. Only syncs to Apple Calendar, which I don’t use due to its poor layout. Not willing to rewrite all my events (written months in advance) twice just to use this app (including future events). Was really hoping for an app to streamline my calendar events with my tasks & now it is virtually useless. Wish I could return.

Great app

This is a great app. Helps keep me organized. Beautiful design. However, I bought this thinking it would transfer to my iPad, but it costs double. Even more for Mac.

Just one request

So far this seems great. I just have one request: please change the logo, its very ugly.

Best to-do app I've used

This is probably the most expensive iOS app I've purchased but it is worth the price given its value. Beautiful iOS design and surprisingly robust functionality. Enough for most people.

Need to buy it 3 times!? there’s Things 3 for your iPhone, $9.99. Then, if you want it for your iPad you’ll have to buy the “optimized for iPad” version $19.99......and THEN if you want it on your Mac ..... you’ll have to cough up $49.99. REALLY? $79.97? Three cents shy of $80 — please! Not worth it. I used Things 2 for well....however, I might just keep using Things 2 or switch to another app, perhaps back to just the native reminders / calendar. Caveat Emptor!

Five Stars !!

The best productivity app !! It works out fantastically in IOS and also MAC.

The Best

My only regret is that I spent money on other Todo apps before I purchased this one.

Great app

My go to to do app. Can you add "to be done this week”?

Just a couple of feature requests....

I do love the app. Just a few things (pun intended {sure someone already used that one}) I’d like to add... I’d like a view where I can see all my to-dos in a list view of sorts. Maybe have that option on the Apple Watch as well. Backwards compatibility with Apple’s Reminders app. I get competition, but sometimes it’s nice (using other apps that leverage iCloud tasks) to have my to-dos show up in ALL of the various apps we all use to see our day to day. On the Apple Watch to be able to see more than just “today”. I won’t hold my breath because I prefer seeing the previous 2 first. Don’t want to sound greedy.

Life saver!

This is the organizational solution to my chaotic life! I’m so grateful I found it <3

Poderosa y simple

Estuve probando unas cuantas muchas GTD apps y la verdad o eran muy caras o muy malas. Esta se ganó el balance. Buenísima.


I have tried a silly number of apps for productivity and task management. Things 3 outshines them all in its clean look and feel as well as it simply functions well!

Excellent with just one suggestion!

I love this app, it really helps to keep on top of things! However, I have just one suggestion (if it’s not already implemented). I’d like to be able to change when the day “starts” from the settings. I work most days until midnight, so I’d appreciate the option to change when the day “starts” to 5:00 a.m. or so, that way my work from the previous day doesn’t get stacked with my recurring tasks the next day at midnight, to give myself the gratifying feeling of checking everything off my to-do list at the end of the day. Still, I love and recommend this app!

Great To List App!

Strikes perfect balance between functionality and clean design aesthetics. Very intuitive. Highly recommend!

Good but missing few options

*Update* I've downgraded the rating from a 4 to a 2 because after using it for sometime, I find that there's no single view that shows all the tasks making it easy to miss tomorrow morning's task if you're looking at the Today folder. And the Upcoming view does not show Todays tasks. Switching views every day to see what's in Today's list and Upcoming is cumbersome and gets in the way of productivity. Until those is addressed I have stopped using Things and trying other alternatives. 1. I really miss the option to have a sound / chime when a task is marked completed like Wunderlist 2. Miss the smart text input that understands words like tomorrow or next Thursday. Todoist and Remember The Milk do this well 3. Ability to have a shared project for collaboration. Wunderlist does this well 4. Ability to add attachments 5. Location based notifications

Life changer!

I’m a developer and I’ve used LOTS of “to-do” systems over the years. This one gets my “Best of Show!” Simple interface, yet extremely powerful. Can’t wait to try the new Things 3.

Not functional enough to be purchased

Unfortunately I jumped into using Things without trying the free desktop version first. After spending time setting up my task management system and entering tasks I realized I was unable to check a repeating item as complete prior to the date the repeat was set as. For instance I wanted to complete the repeating items that were to come due during a two week vacation in advance so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them while on vacation but Things does not allow this to be done. I checked in with technical support and they stated they hoped to someday provide functionality for checking off repeating events prior to the day they are set to repeat on but at this time it is not possible. I paid $50 for the desktop and $10 for the app and all I can say is this program isn’t worth using and is not ready for release even though it’s been out for years. SMH.

The "Gold Standard" for Task Management

Are you freaking kidding me?? This App KEEPS getting better and better!! The latest 3.5 update REALLY puts the "gold plating" on! Collapsable AREAS, search in the tagging dialog, filter on "no tag", full completion dates in LogBook are MOST welcomed by me in the release! Previous to this release, the mailing into Things "feature add" was tops on my list because being able to email into Things from my Windows workstation has been INVALUABLE to quickly getting things out of my head and into a reliable system for tracking and planning. Because the App is such a joy to use on both my iPhone & iPad Pro, I now find myself using it ALL THE TIME! Thank you Cultured Code for a beautiful and amazingly functional app that is WELL WORTH the $$ for both the iPad & iPhone versions!

It’s the best out there.

I’ve tried practically every other app like this out there and this is by far the best. It’s simple yet elegant and as easy as it can be to get information in and out and to reorganize. I’ve tried to use others because I also use Android PCs but I just get frustrated by how complicated they are and how long it takes to do what Things does so easily. Updates and Improvement are constant and really thoughtful.


Wow! Love it! Setting my priorities, getting things done with an effective system for the everyman! Let’s do this!


Have used Things for years. I took a break and tried Omni-Focus (Great program) but came back to Things after this new release. Easy to use, crisp...makes you want to get things done!

Love the new version

Been a Things user since way back in the mists of time; Things 3 brings clarity and freshness back to how clear Things felt at 1.0 (when iOS was heavy and my list of Things was still small). Well done! Honest: just yesterday, I wrote a review asking for collapsible Areas, and today they roll out the feature. Talk about responsive developers! (Obviously, kidding; I’m sure that took a lot of thought and work: thank you!) The implementation of hiding Areas is great; the modification to the icon in collapsed state, and the animation in and out of it, are perfect. (I do wish on Mac I could option-open or option-close to open or close all.) I’d love to also see headings in Areas, and Undo everywhere. Maybe support for Shake to Undo? I'm not a huge fan of shaking my phone around in the air like a lunatic, so I suppose the method is less important than the result, but some universal method for Undo is really needed; I’ve had a few errant taps that deleted or moved something I didn’t mean to, and the time to try to remember what that was and fix it is just lost time. Please? Undo? Overall, excellent app, refinements just keep making it better. Yay!

great app except

the animations make it slow. on adding task for today it does some stupid animation that takes a second and it slows me down when I’m trying to be productive and just enter data very fast

Before You Purchase...

Be aware!!! If You want this app across your devices, you will have to pay separately for each device: $9.99 for the iPhone, $19.99 for the iPad, and $49.99 for the Mac. I wish I knew this before purchasing the iPhone version. I’m not plunking down $80 just so I can sync this app across my devices. So, I won’t be using this app. Too bad. It seemed like a useful app.

Dark theme and complete recurring task earlier!

Is it too much to ask for these two?

Works great with Apple Watch & Siri

I have long looked for a to-do app that would put the list on my Apple Watch. This one does. And it works perfectly! The app is very useful. I like that I can tell Siri to add a tear, which list, and under day and time. Fantastic!!!!!

Love it!

I really really love this app. It's beautiful and simple to use while being extremely powerful. It supports my GTD-ish ways very well without the overwhelming features of Omnifocus. Couple of minor improvements I'd like to see: -Don't show a badge on the app icon for tasks I've put in "this evening" until it's actually evening (and let me set when "evening" starts). I like the badge as a quick way to see how many things are still on my plate, but don't want it to nag me about home tasks when I'm at work. -Let me schedule things for "tomorrow evening", etc. Again, makes it easier to divide home and work tasks.

So close to 5 star.

Things is a well thought out and designed product. It is intuitive and very user friendly. I was excited at first because I thought that when they said “sharing” it meant that there would be a way to share a to-do list with another user, not just the text of the to-dos. Not having true collaborative abilities for projects makes it difficult to coordinate the progress of things. If my wife and I had the ability to have separate accounts but share certain lists/projects within the app itself, Things would be 6/5 stars. Please just add true collaborative abilities. I’m tired of trying to replace Things.

The best app ever.

Things is my favorite app! I use it every single day. It keeps me organized and is so easy to use. I highly recommend because it is worth every penny.

Getting better and better

Things 3 is my go to app for keeping track of things. It’s simplistic, yet powerful, design is easy to use, easy on the eyes, and offers enough options to handle my needs. Five stars if the following two things can be added in the future. 1.) Ability to bulk tag on iOS. Don’t know why this isn’t an option but tagging items one by one is tedious and slow. We can select multiple items and move them to different areas, why can’t we add tags to these items? 2.) I know it’s a stretch, but location reminders would be the icing on the cake. I’d love to be able to tag things with a location and have them pop up when I’m there - I suppose things isn’t really designed this way though. Bonus points if you can add collaboration in someway to things 3. I’d love to share projects around the house with my wife. As it stands Things is a strong 4 Star app with 5 star potential. Keep the updates coming!

Great app - some suggestions

This is a great app. I have moved away from Todoist (thanks for the import tool!) and this has become my go-to list app. I have a few suggestions: - add ability to complete reoccurring tasks earlier than expected - make repeat tasks with a reminder time occurring in the evening, default to the "evening" section if it rolls over to the next day, not the "today" section (move to the bottom, not the top) - indicate somewhere in the title of the task that it is a repeat task (I don't see it in today view). - create the ability to move multiple tasks inside a project (square icon) into a to-do list for a singe task (round icon). In other words move a group of higher level tasks into a sub level list of a single task. Keep up the great work!

Good ToDo list

Simple-ish app with a system that works with the ‘Getting Things Done’ mentality. Has reminders and calendar integrations. It provides a very nice system to triage your actions for the day and prioritize what you want to do in the future. Pay once. Not required to sign in to anything.


Overpriced, and they don’t accept refunds?

I don’t understand it fully yet

I may need more time

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