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The Only Task App I Consistently Use

This App is way more then a to do list. I love that you can add projects and then tasks underneath that project name. I have downloaded almost every productivity app in the App Store and honestly have to say this is the only one I actually use all the time. I mostly use this for my blog and channel and love that I can add affiliate links and copy them with one click to add to my channel description or blog post. I have tons of projects such as YouTube description box, affiliate links, blog post copies, Instagram hashtags and so much more! This will be the only productivity app you will need and actually use.

Buy it

No hyperbole — the best app in the world for getting things done.

I just donated $10.00 to your app

Honestly, I wish I had not bought this app. Using my native reminder app worked better for me. Nothing this app brought to the table really changed the game for me.

Great app

It’s really a good application but it would be really great if we could like drag tasks of an specific day in upcoming list from one day to another, you know kind of changing switching tasks between two days without changing their usual repetition...

Needs to use color for information

Good but I would like to choose an alternative background color. It’s shocking when you look at all the organization apps in the iTunes Store and see so little use of color. Color could also be used to provide information- what’s urgent, what’s done etc. as the excellent app “Clear” does.


Why is the check mark in the main icon not centered?

A winner

I’ve tried many to-do lists....with little success. I have 100s of things to do, and struggle to get them all done. Things simply works better. Some excellent functions including sending new items to Things by email.


I have to be Honost that I am not a big to do list person so I don’t know well how other apps compete. But I enjoy the simplicity and easy to understand way of learning that this app offers.

The best task manager

I used a competitor’s app for the past 6 years. I changed to Things less than a year ago. The first week was an adjustment. Shortly after I saw the superiority of this system. Now, as the app and my habits with it have continued to evolve, there is no comparison. This is the most important app on my phone. I use it every day, and I’m excited to watch it continue to grow.

One of the Best

Definitely one of the best “to do” apps. The iPad version is pricey but worthy of the price. ( The desktop version is priced higher than I think it should be). The use interface is nearly as perfect as you can get. The updates make it better and better.

Good App, Overpriced

It’s a really nice app, only reason gave 3 stars though because you don’t get to interact with calendar events at all and the app seems way overpriced for $10. I realize this a “to-do” list app but for 10 dollars I feel like the calendar integration should’ve been done better. I only bought this app because awesome note 2 recently stopped working and wanted a good replacement to view events. And while you can see your calendar events in the app, you only see the name and start time. That’s it. You can’t edit or change anything about it in the app. You have to go over to your calendar app to see how long the event truly is. Disappointing in that regard but the rest of the app is very well done.

Beautiful new version

Things 3 has many useful new features (which I am still discovering). It seems to keep the best of Things 2 (clean, elegant, intuitive, adaptable, etc.) and has added needed improvements. I love the feature of adding checklists and so on to a task, as it becomes a mini-project.

Love Things 3! Needs family collaboration

I’ve tried a ton of to-do list apps and project management apps, but Things 3 is by far the easiest to use. This app has allowed me to keep track of deliverables for complex projects and always ensure my responsibilities are completed on time. Recurring tasks scheduling could have more options - for example I have one to pay my county bill that Id like to set to reoccur on the last weekday of the month - that is not possible. If there was one additional feature I’d wish they add is for Apple Family members to collaborate. We can all already download the app, but I cannot share lists and projects with my family. Things 3 is great for managing individual work, but comes up short when using it to manage your home life.

Awesome 👌🏻

I have tried bunch of to do apps, but this one is absolutely different! I use it as my daily routine schedule reminder and even for weekly or annually. Here I have few ideas for developing the app. • sort Today task by their reminder or even sort by group and time • Notification sounds option • Convert for projects (try to bring the algorithm of converting "to-do to project" for "project to era" • New theme (dark, purple, etc.)

Fácil de usar y sumamente útil.

Me lo tuve que pensar antes de comprar la app por el alto costo pero finalmente valió la pena. Things me ha ayudado a organizar mi trabajo y funciona perfecto con los proyectos. La app por si sola es suficientemente poderosa en iOS, no obstante tener la app para MacOS lo lleva a otro nivel: el control total del trabajo.

THIS is what I was looking for

There are LOTS of task management apps on the App Store. Unfortunately, there are so many that my FIRST task was “evaluating task management apps”. I tried so many I can’t even remember. Most were either so simple and basic that they weren’t flexible enough to meet my needs OR they were so full-featured and complex that you had to spend hours trying to learn to use them! Then I found THINGS 3 and I knew my search was over. Extremely customizable for anyone’s workflow, however simple enough to go from a complete newbie to an advanced user in under an hour by following the simple included tutorial. If you need Enterprise or team collaboration, you may need to keep looking, but for everyone else, the search can stop right here! I will be a LONG TIME Things user! Great job by CultureCode!

I’ll give it five stars..

If you can please implement a dark mode!! Pleeeaase

awesome updates

I am an organizing geek and I have used Things for years. But Things 3 is even 10 times better with its connection to Siri and options to make sublists.

Clearly Overated

I’m new to the To Do and Planning Apps. I paid $10 because the app is #2 in the productivity category. The app is simple. Maybe too simple. I don’t understand why there is NO calendar view, this is a big miss. Also no sync option with iCloud or I missed something. You can’t assign a task to someone. No dashboard to indicate how many tasks are remaining and the percentage completed. Last point, the App icon is outdated and ugly compared to omnifocus or To-Do or any other planning apps. I see room for improvement.

Rating Multiple Costs across Apple devices, Not App itself!

I just paid $10 for the iPhone version cuz I like the format, the good reviews & Editors Choice. So this morning I’m on my iPad & lo & behold I have to pay another $20 to sync across the devices. Really?? Don’t know too many developers that do that.. You pay one fee & you can pick up on your other devices.. I didn’t do enough research & the few reviews highlighted that I read, had no mention of this. Developer claims costs involved! No.. the sucker punch is if you can afford an iPhone and an iPad you must be loaded, and since our app is award winning, we will stick you for it!

Thorough and intuitive

I’ve gone through a number of task management apps before coming across this. It’s allowing me to be more organized than ever before.

Great, but useless with no web app

This app is amazing but I can't use it on my windows computer at work and therefore its pretty useless for me. I'm switching to todoist for this reason.

My All-In-One organizer

Prior to Things, I used Notes for my checklists, Calendar for my appointments, and Reminders for categorical tasks that had to be done. Now with Things 3, I get to combine it all. My wife and I bought the phone version to give it a test run, and after experiencing it’s brilliant functionality, she decided to buy the iPad version. Now with ease we get to import our existing Calendar appointments, make new Inbox tasks, create multi-layered list/checklist projects, plan family events, add log records to our completed tasks, and, in short, organize our lives. Well done!

Still no word wrap / multirow

I hate ... style. Why just make multiline available when text exceeds regarding row? Cannot calculate the height automatically? Ups. Uninstalled again.

Almost perfect!!

Loving it so far, will update when I’ve used it for longer, but so far my only real complaint/wish is for a dark grey theme, or better yet a customisation option. I was also disappointed to realise you need to sign up with them for syncing, but that’s very clearly stated in the app description and I’m not holding it against them for my own inability to read closely lol.


Add more than one reminder for tasks.

Customer service is horrible beware if you buy this app

Ibought things three on my iPhone and MacBook Pro paying the full price the first day of installation. They locked up my instants on my MacBook Pro after 15 days and they took excessively long to respond back to me. I reported this to Apple and iTunes. So beware if you use this application for anything business critical as downtime can be excessive.

I liked things 2... but

I am very disappointed with Things three. I am a blind VoiceOver user, and although most buttons have been labeled there has been little to no thought put into the user experience for voiceover users. Most of the shortcuts available to cited users do not have an equivalent. It feels confusing and tedious to do most tasks with the app. Without selecting a task first, like one would with a keyboard it was not possible to assign it a due date or set it As a task for today. Each item must be flicked past twice, once for the checklist button and once for the item, which could be rectified along with the swipe actions blind users cannot complete by implementing them in the rotor. It’s not worth my time or frustration to fight with this app

Deserves 4.8Stars.

Everything you need is available. Just wish Dark Mode is an option.

Missing one feature

Great app but missing a key feature for my workflow, the ability to add pictures. Looking at lists is great but it needs some more elements to break it up and make it a true planner app. Trying to use this to plan out trips is tough without this feature.

Works seamlessly

Been trying to use various means to organize my life for a decade and nothing stuck. The sample project really helped me get the ball rolling. Cool.

Missing one thing

While I can truly say I hit the ground running with this app, the one thing it’s missing from my point of view is picture attachments. I’d love to be able to attach necessary pictures to my to-dos and, possibly, eliminate the use for a notes app altogether.

Best in class - for me

I know selecting a to-do app is sometimes a very personal thing. I’ve tried many over the years with my best one being pen and paper. That had a lot of advantages but very analog. I really struggled finding a digital version that really kept pace until I rediscovered Things. Yes, I evaluated it early on it didn’t make it. This latest version (3.6) is impressive and I’ve not looked back. I use it for work and home and it has eased stress and made me much more efficient with time management. Highly recommend this app.


I am someone that always needs a planner and I buy about 5 different ones a year because I can never find ONE that does everything I need it to. THIS ONE DOES. It’s amazing. I usually can’t use my phone for reminders and things because I would rather use paper and pen but this is a total game changer. I’m so incredibly happy I downloaded it.

I have used them all...

Things 3 is light years better than 2Do, Wunderlist, Trello, Tasker, Do It Tomorrow, etc. It may not have quite as many features as 2Do, and it may be more expensive than the free versions of Wunderlist, but it is flawless. The user interface is clean, well thought out, flexible and EASY TO USE. It feels fast and snappy when in use. I will say that my productivity has at least DOUBLED since I am now cranking through tasks instead of being frustrated by my system of organization. Other people have mentioned the amount of time that it took for Things 3 to come out, but I can only assume it is because of how well executed it was/is. Don’t hesitate to buy this app. I got it for my iPhone and iPad and think it is worth every dollar. I will be getting the MacBook version next.


I have been relentlessly searching for an app to organize my life. Ive tried probably 50+ apps. This app is so simple to use! It makes it easy to remember the important THINGS (ha) in my life. Definitely the best app out there and worth the price! Great job, Dev.

Best but can be improved

This is no doubt the best reminder app so far. However, certain things can be improved. The one I want to mention the most is the calendar view. Currently the Upcoming category only provides list view, but it will be better if a calendar monthly view is provided which will give user a general feeling of which days are busy and which days are not, so user can plan accordingly. Thanks.

Incredible for daily use

I was a long time Things user, but prior to Things 3, I felt like there were limitations that held it back, to the point where certain things were deal-breakers and I started looking elsewhere for task management. I’m glad to say, though, that not only has Things 3 been my go-to task manager since launch, it works so well that I don’t feel the siren call of other apps. Everything is really inviting and thought out. Things supports to-dos, from simple tasks to involved projects, with deceptive simplicity. What really works for me is that there’s more of an emphasis on when a task should be accomplished, as opposed to where it is filed in the system. I feel like this works so well because it’s so easy to reschedule tasks. That’s not to say you can’t impose an organizational structure to your tasks - I use Areas extensively to file stuff for the Office, Home, Personal tasks, and so on - but flexibly scheduling stuff works so well for me. I never lose track of what I could be working on. Cultured Code should also be commended for their rock-solid sync service. I’ve never had an issue keeping task state synced across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It’s easy to set up then gets out of your way. I have one small wish-list item, that I know I’ve seen other folks raise as a problem: I would love to complete future repeating tasks early. Right now, a repeating task will show up in Upcoming, but that’s only when the template will create another single instance of itself. It’s something I can work around - I set the repeat date to the first day that I could possibly want to start work on the task, and reschedule as needed - but it is a tiny bit of unnecessary friction in an otherwise smooth system. That aside, fantastic app. Definitely worth your money!

Nice, but...

Really like the latest version of Things. Prior iterations were extremely frustrating to use, but glad to see things have been ironed out. My only quibble is the desire to check off items before they are due. Often times I find myself addressing a to-do item days before its scheduled due date—the UI should allow for that.

Great app

I haven’t used it much yet, but it seems like it will be very helpful for all aspects of life. One suggestion is to add a calendar view to look at upcoming deadlines and tasks.

Can’t live without Things!

That’s my review.


I am a new user. I am impressed with what I have found at this point. Highly recommend the tutorial that is included. Too many hints you will if you do not take time to take this tutorial.

Great app. Pls add feature.

Please add feature to be able to see your to dos with next line wrapping instead of truncating.

Robust list software

Great for projects.

iOS app is crashy

I love Things 3. I use it religiously on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro to keep my life in order. This is a review specific to stability of the iOS version. This app crashes a lot—around five full crashes per week. The main one occurs when I open the app in the morning to review my Today list. It’ll say something like “You have seven new tasks today” in yellow. If I hit Okay, there’s a good chance it crashes. Similarly if I open the app and rapidly check something off. There are other bugs too: I’ve had a few situations where the checkboxes are missing from the list of tasks and when I try interacting with a task the app crashes. I do love Things, and these don’t stop me from using it. Rather, they severely detract from an otherwise beautiful experience.


Visually stunning but mediocre features for the most. And notifications don’t work !! The app is supposed to remind me of my task at a given time but that’s not available on here. Should be* Apple’s reminder has this basic feature and majority of the other apps as well....

Love the new UI!

I had liked using Things 2 on the Mac but never used it for very long because the iPhone app was too limited. The UI in version 3 for iPhone is totally redone and I love it, it's simple still but so powerful! I wish Apple's apps were this good!

Love it! Dark mode?

My only suggestion would be to have a dark mode. Keep up the great work!

No landscape mode??

I have an 8 plus and would have really loved it. Please include it in the future release.

App seems great

App seems good but I bought it on my phone for my watch and can not seem to get it on the watch.

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