Things 3 App Reviews

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wow, give this a shot!

best out of any app i have tried for organizing my thoughts and getting things done. clutter free interface and extremely easy to use.

Triumph of polish over usability

The more you try to use it the more difficult it becomes to use effectively. Probably really good for very simple needs but for those the cost is too high. Visual presentation is slick but very confusing especially at the high price.

The best app in iOS

Most applications, when they move to a major new release, they make the product way more complex and unfriendly, with lots of random features everywhere (“the second-system effect”). Amazingly it was not the case here: everything is even more thought-out and to the point. Things 3 has the best interactions and animations I’ve ever seen in an iOS app. Thanks a lot!

The cornerstone of my week!

Over the years I have learned to use this versatile software in a way that has now become the foundation for my week. More specifically the cornerstone, because if you removed organization from my fast paced world it would barely hold together. Things provides the tools, and it’s just up to you to use them... and use them in a way that addresses your unique needs.

Best Productivity Tool Ever

Download it. You won’t regret it. If you’re reading this review it’s because your life is a mess. This will help you organize it. Do it. Best $10 I ever spent.......maybe.

Almost Perfect

Really really good app. There are two things I can think of that can make it better. 1. Better calendar integration, I know it’s not a calendar app but it’d be great to have a proper calendar monthly view with the tasks at the bottom or at least a little more info on the events like hours duration etc. The second thing would be location based alerts. Other than that great app

Calendar evens bug

Calendar events doesn’t appear on Today and upcoming sections on iPhone version. It seems to work perfectly on iPad and mac versions. Please fix that asap. I will give a five starts when fixed. Thanks Update: It’s still not fixed, why I can’t see my calendar events on the upcoming section. I only can see the holidays but not any other calendar events. Please investigate and fix this bug. Thank you for your hard work.

Good but limited

It has a beautiful design and it’s very easy to use but it lacks a lot of features that others like Todoist have.

Just so slow!

When it comes to a to-do app, you want to be able to get in, drop your to-do, and get out fast. Other than reliability (not losing to-dos) this is the most important thing. With Things, I consistently get lag with nearly every operation I perform in the app. It lags on launch, on adding a to-do, on choosing a date for the to-do, and nearly everything else. I’ve spent a lot of money with these guys, but thinking about looking for other options, because the friction of entering to-dos is just too noticeable.


I've tried many different apps over the years and my initial impression is this might be the one. Love the interface on the beautiful iPhone x screen

Finally, an app that helps me process “things”!

List of apps/services that I have tried over the years: • Reminders • Wunderlist • Wunderkit • 2Do • Omnifocus • Producteev • • Remember the Milk • Toodledo • Todoist • Eisenhower Matrix • Google Tasks • GTasks Pro I’m sure there are a few missing. This new version of Things strikes a great balance between ease of use, power, and flexibility. It all boils down to the app helping me to address things that come across my plate without creating friction. My four star rating just means that there can always be room for improvement somewhere.

It’s the best out there.

I’ve tried practically every other app like this out there and this is by far the best. It’s simple yet elegant and as easy as it can be to get information in and out and to reorganize. I’ve tried to use others because I also use Android PCs but I just get frustrated by how complicated they are and how long it takes to do what Things does so easily.

Very good task manager -love it!

I’d give it 5 stars if: 1. Task notes supported nested ordered lists and-or images. 2. Task list view on Watch could be configured to show more characters.

Commit and Enjoy

Things 3 has a particular approach. It doesn’t have sharing/group functionality, and I wish it did, but if you can live with a to do app for one person, it is better than any other. (and I have tried nearly all of them.) Devs, please make group sharing and shared list options and you’ll be unstoppable!

Love it!

My favorite feature so far is the combination of the calendar and the app

Your IOS Calenders best friend

Easy to add an event, idea or future project. Just what I needed for a quick plug. On the calendar app, you can pick a flag color and the activities length of time. This is just what I need for additional dates, such as appointments and that will not be repeating. Very quick to just plug in reminders, which you will then be notified that entire day before it clears. I’m going to have to recommend this to others if your looking to expand on your “to-do” applications.

Great app but for me, missing connectivity

There’s no doubt that Things is an amazing application and well thought out. For my workflow, I’d really like the ability to work on tasks with others. Currently, you can only send a list. You can’t collaborate. Also. I love the “evening” feature BUT you can’t include it with your repeatable todos. So each day that I have to manually assign my evening todo to the “evening” category. This should get fixed. Another suggestion: be able to use natural language in the main section of the todo. Currently you have to first select the calendar picker to do this. And, while on the subject of the calendar picker- let’s have a “tomorrow” button in addition to the others. Now, those are my suggestions, but there are many, many things that are great in this app. Hopefully some of my other wants will be included in a future release.

Used to Bash Software Based Todo Lists

But Things has changed this with its ultra flexibility and interactive, intuitive interface. Nothing else quite like it and once you make it your own it becomes yours. Not sure if many other apps can truthfully say that, in my opinion.

Almost Perfect

Love this app. Great UI and really helpful to work with. It’s almost perfect. Here’s my wish and hope list: - Make it possible to assign tasks to people & teams - Collaboration! 🎉 - Better Share experience (format options, application compatibility, etc. How is it not possible to share anything by email?!) Otherwise it’s great!

Nearly Perfect

Love the ability to drag and drop tasks as my priorities change throughout the day. So much simpler than constantly having to reset priorities. Also love being able to see my appointments and tasks all in the same view so that I can better manage my day. There are just a few features I'd like to see in future versions - a month view showing appointments and tasks for each day; the ability to create and edit events from within Things rather than having to switch to another app; the ability to swipe from day to day rather than having to leave the Today view and navigate to the Upcoming view; the ability to see the next Action in each project in the Today view so you don't have to do back and forth between Today and Projects. If screen real estate is an issue, it strikes me that the Inbox, Anytime and Someday are duplicative.

3rd review, because I’m in love

Honestly, I’m just writing this one to express how happy I am file-linking is now supported on iOS 🙌 For those that may not be familiar with this from using the Mac app, I’ll give you a quick example of how I just used it 10min ago: – I had made a reminder in the macOS app to address a particular email later in the week (today). – I linked that email to the ‘Notes’ area of the reminder via drag & drop from Apple Mail, which means all I have to do to find that email later is click the link & Things will pull it up! – well now you can do just that from the iPhone or Mac app! 😄

Cheated! Ripoff. Bait and switch

App Store suggests this on my iPad and under compatibility it shows iPhone, iPad etc. after purchasing this for $10 the first it suggests is to buy the iPad version for $20. What a ripoff. I want a refund.

Great job, but not enough to get me from from OmniFocus

Things 3 is one of the best-designed apps I’ve yet used. It’s simple, pretty, and offers some real moments of delight. One of my favorite design choices is the ability to assign a task to a day that is distinct from its due date—it may be due Friday, but I intend to do it Wednesday. (the closest OmniFocus offers is “defer until”, but deferring is a different intent, really.) I have tons of tasks and projects already in OmniFocus, and there is an AppleScript-based importer which made carrying the data over possible (obviously requires the Mac client). The tasks and projects seemed, upon basic review, to have come across in good shape, which was also lovely. Two matters ultimately prevented my switching over, however: 1. There should be a button to create a task in the widget, like OmniFocus’s has. I use this mechanism all the time in meetings. At the time of writing, its widget shows such a button only when it’s empty of tasks. This one is, at least, simple enough to solve. 2. I was hoping for advanced searching and saved searches. Things 3’s model of freely tagging tasks was what initially drew me; it promised to offer a bit of a relief from OmniFocus’s single-context assignment for its tasks… but that promise is only realized when a user could one day search an intersection of tags (and possibly omit others). So, Things 3 is nice enough, but just short of able to pull me over from OmniFocus (i.e. compelling me to buy the Mac client after the demo period expired), given my financial and habitual investment in OmniFocus. If I were coming to Things 3 from nothing, however, it’d be a lot harder a decision. Great work, Cultured Code!

Perfect - but too expensive across devices

Love this app. Design is pretty much perfect. I would have given it 5 stars, but I’m struggling with one thing: the price for multi device usage. I want an app that works across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Buying all 3 gets really expensive. While I like this app better than the alternatives, they are FREE across all platforms. Can’t justify the spend.

I use this because it works

I may have missed a todo list project kinda app over the years... I have addictively bought most of them. I was looking for the right level of detail, overview and ease. I kept coming back to Things. And with all that the developers have added and refined, Ive quit trying everything else. Things works great! Love it. Daily.

This is a premium app. Where are the premium functions?

The Apple Watch app barely ever works (does not update with the phone app.) Where is the geofencing? Where is the reoccurring reminders? Where is sharing? Where is Alexa support? Why can’t I designate that when I open the app, it opens on a certain list? If I can’t decline the auto import of a task from another app, why even make me approve it? Am I supposed to be bowled over by exclusively by the UI of sparsity? I switched from Wunderlist to proactively prepare for when Microsoft nixes it completely, and I miss that near perfect product that was offered for free. Whereas with Things, I keep hoping that I’ve paid for a product that will get more feature rich, and I’m not seeing it.

One of the best app for productivity!

Guys! It’s worth the money! It definitely helped me organize the things I have to do. I specifically love the projects feature!

Needs UX improvements

UPDATE: they have a share extension thing so that’s good. But the other things still haven’t been addressed. The new Things is visually beautiful, but needs a few UX improvements: - Show more than just one line of text per item. I shouldn’t have to tap into a task to read the whole thing. “Write shorter tasks” isn’t a good answer. - Show tasks that have a due date ABOVE those that don’t. The “someday” categorization to our those at the end of a project list requires additional taps. If I’ve given something a date, it’s MORE important than things that don’t have dates. - The app needs a share extension so that you can add items from other apps. (Update: they have one of these.)

Flashing - poor navegability

Why the f*ck the screen keeps flashing!? Terrible issue

Things is an ecosystem

This app is dope. I like it a lot. Sure it’s a little pricy but it’s the best of its type. It does everything right. My only gripe is it’s ecosystem. My workflow is based around multiple devices from Mac OS to Windows and IOS to Android. It would be nice for them to drop an Android App. Perhaps a Windows app or at least a web portal to access Things from a non Apple device. Also please give us the option to display different lists on our Apple Watch complications please! It would be super useful to have a quick glance at a groceries/shopping list.


I use this Things 3 and I love it!!! I actually use OmniFocus 2 as well, but use this app for all my medical appointments because I’m disabled. It was worth the money!!!

Wow! I’ve been missing a lot

I just moved over from ToDo by Appigo after it seems to be loosing support. Things 3 is amazing. It does so much and it seems they have thought of almost everything. Intuitive features and a lot great integration with iPhone’s apps. Be sure and go through the little tutorial they include.

Beautiful, useful, delightful

I use this app daily to stay organized. I look forward to using it because it is my favorite application.

The best task management app

Wonderful app. Elegant and carefully considered design makes it a pleasure to use. It's the best task management app. A few suggestions for additional features. -please allow us to mark a future recurring to-do complete early if we want to. It makes no sense that we can't do that. -It would be nice to be able to see a complete list of ALL outstanding task items in one place. The "anytime" list does not include everything. -attachments like photos or files from other apps would be really nice. But I'm guessing that would probably make the sync data gigantic? But none of those things detract from the beauty and overall balance of design of this app. It helps make task management easy.

Great for GTD

I’ve tried several apps for GTD and I like this the best. It’s simple but powerful - has just the right balance of features, IMO. Thank you Things team, I’m grateful!! 🙏

Great interface

Not overly complex but still robust enough to set up projects and sub lists as needed.

Another well-deserved 5 star review

All the good things have been said. Keeps my life organised. Can’t think of anything else I want Well done!

Joy to use! (minor Siri gripe)

Before starting a new job/semester, I spent at least a month using similar apps like OmniFocus, Todoist, 2Do, and TickTick. I simply enjoy using Things most, and feel that my task workflow is smoothest with this app. I think there is a good balance of features that help me plan my tasks for the day/week, but enough restraint to keep me from “finicking” with the overall setup too much (something I was prone to do with OmniFocus for years...) The only thing I wish would be implemented is an “automatic import” option for Siri Reminders. It is way easier/faster to just say “Remind me to _____” instead of the Siri commands to get tasks in to Things directly. I know some probably like the way it works now but it would be great if this was an advanced feature in Things. In comparison, apps like Omnifocus and TickTick manage to add Siri reminders smoothly without requiring the user to go in and import manually.



Solid app to organize your chaotic life

If you've got lists everywhere and live from post-it notes, you need this app. Game changer. The tutorial is the best I've seen too. Invest the time to do the whole tutorial. This app is incredibly intuitive but goes really deep.


Of all the countless apps that I use, and of all the endless hundreds of apps I’ve downloaded over the last 8 years since I first got an iPhone, I think this app has improved my quality of life more than any other. It is a fantastic tool for sitting down with yourself in the morning and being clear on what you have to spend your time doing that day. It’s also great to return to quickly every hour or two to update everything you’ve done, maybe zoom in on just a certain subject, or to add new tasks when they come up. I probably open this app at least a dozen times a day. I’m a student and being able to organize assignments by subject and enter deadlines and have a ‘Notes’ field is amazing. I haven’t used the checklist feature yet within a task but I feel like I will. This new version is definitely an improvement over Things 2. First of all it looks amazing, which matters more to me than it probably should.. Also the workflow feels a bit simpler, and I find it more streamlined mentally to add a new item quickly before the details go flying out of your head. $30 for the iPhone + iPad apps is definitely an investment compared to most other app prices, but honestly $30 for great software is not that big a deal, seems pretty fair really for how much work has clearly gone into this over the years and considering how much easier it makes my life by keeping me more organized and more aware of how I’m spending my time.

Not for me

I’ve tried just about all of the decent task managers available. Figured it was time to give Things 3 a test drive. It’s not what I expected. Positives: elegant design, great tutorials and guides, synchronization with other devices, checklists, and headlines. Negatives: reminder process, lack of multiple reminders, no locations based reminders, unable to view task counts for projects on home page, three separate apps, and PRICE. Conclusion: Todoist does works for me. If your looking for a feature rich task manager that works on multiple platforms, give it a whirl.

Best App Ever

This is the most well-designed and useful app I have ever used.

It’s the absolute best

I enjoy it fully. I can’t wait for Things 4.

Easy to use

Finally decided to move on trying a new app to keep track of my to do list. After a little research i decided to try Things 3. It ended up being a very good decision. This app is easy to use. I have converted over to it completely. I even set it up to keep track of the TV programs i am watching. I am glad i made this move to start using it. 10/21 update: now i am really into this app 100% i decided to delete my reminder app. This app has motivated me to keep up with my projects and to do list referring to it as my day passes. Great app.

Great organizer

Only criticism is that for setting up tasks that need to be repeated, it doesn’t seem possible to change the length of the repeat term without deleting the task and creating an entire new task.

works well at good price but no gps support

Yeah the ui is cool. I like the projects and tags and such. Sync is nice and imports are good. However the stock reminders app features location support. I’d like to see that added.

Great app with an important shortcoming

Love the devs for this gorgeous and incredibly useful app! My only issue with it is there's no option for colors coding different tags. So I have to click on a task to see its tag instead of identifying tags of tasks at a glance from the entire list.. This should have been a no brainer to include.. Pretty much every other todo app has it, and for good reason. For example, I find it critically important to flag "Important" tasks as red..

Clean & Elegant

I’m so impressed with Things! It’s very clean and elegant. I’ve been using Things for a few years now. It keeps getting better. This latest version is so intuitive and powerful, yet remains uncluttered. I highly recommend it.


I’m a recent convert to GTD (still working my way through the book) and this app has proved invaluable in managing the myriad “stuff” in my life. As I’ve been using the app more and more, I’ve grown to appreciate features I never had much use for before (looking at you, Someday). My one request would be some type of weekly review feature to help me keep on top of items that have been sitting in the app for awhile and a way to see how long to-dos have been languishing in some forgotten project. I think this would help me make better decisions regarding what should get done when, and what should be delegated to “Someday.” Overall, thanks for making such a useful (and beautiful app). Couldn’t live without it!

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