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Needs support for windows or web app

It’s a nice app but it would be better if they didn’t refuse to support windows or have a web app. It would also be nice if you could sync native reminders and add tasks from accounts.


Wow. I have used many different to do apps and this one just exceeds every need I have and more. I’m completely blown away

Great App for College

This is an amazing app! If you take the time to use this, it’s worth the money and I use it for groceries, wish lists, and college assignments. It’s awesome for college assignments because I have an assignments list with headers for each course. My main issue that keeps this from being 5 stars is Siri shortcuts and Siri integration in general. Compared to something like my weather app that shows weather within the Siri lockscreen, things forces itself to open in order to add a todo or to show a list of you decide to use Siri shortcuts. The only way to access things info through the Siri display is by saying something like “hey Siri, show my list in things” which is super finicky compared to a Siri shortcut that says “hey Siri, show my list”. One gives you a Siri result and the other asks you to unlock your face to open the app. This should be addressed as it breaks the flow of what Siri shortcuts and integration should be. Otherwise, this app actually does what it’s supposed to and that’s to keep your head forward at what’s important, and as an undergrad student with 18 hours worth of nonsense and programming languages, I can confirm this app does its job well. 10/10 would throw money at again.


Best Ap, but if you upgrade one app in mobile it’s a bit of a pain to sync other accounts

No way to collaborate or have a family shared list

Hopefully this is already a feature on the horizon but currently I do not see a way to have a family shared list. For personal use it looks sharp and looks intuitive however having no collaboration is a dealbreaker.


i didn't know that i'd have to pay extra $13 for the ipad version. it's the first time i see such phenomenon... rip-off!!

Some bugs and suggestions

I've tried a lot of similar apps and this one finally satisfied my productivity and task managing needs. I would like to see a few things added: 1. Dark mode! 2. The ability to convert checklist items into regular todos and vice versa. Bugs: In the today widget I still see old repeating tasks that were completed or deleted a long time ago.


I’ve downloaded what seems like a million apps looking for something that actually worked for me. Something that wasn’t so loaded with features that it became cumbersome to use or so simple it lacked real function. This is the PERFECT app and has literally changed my days by helping me more productive and less stressed. Ya can’t put a price on that people! It’s functional, simple to use, and gives me options to use it in different ways that work so well for me. I want to put these developers on my Christmas card list. Thank you for such an amazing app!

Just got the app and I know this is going to change everything

Just going through the tutorial I know this is it. I’ve needed this and I’m so glad I have it now!

I want to like it ~ but...

I like parts of Things but really hate other parts. I don’t like the way it handles repeated items at all. That is pretty messy and really really confusing. Plus, you can’t complete a repeated item until it’s due. As far as a simple list/todo it works, kinda fine, but feels cluttered, and makes you open and close things to find something. It really doesn’t make my life any easier or less complicated because the Things app is complicated enough for both of us.

Great app

I was using planner pro for a bit, and as much as I liked its 7 day task based layout, the UI was clunky and there were certain things that you couldn't do. In things the layout is awesome. The ui is great and making new tasks for the right day/project/xyz is a breeze. If you like a snappy and well streamlined organizational app with flat design aesthetics, this is for you. EDIT: the most recent update of the app is broken with the most recent version of the iOS 12 beta - please fix this I need to plan some things!

Absolutely incredible

I can’t imagine a better way to organize tasks. The things team has thought of everything in the productivity workflow! Would love to see a dark theme 😉

Almost perfect

Things is beautiful and intuitive. One of my favorite aspects is that tasks do not need to be part of a project; they can be standalone inside of an Area, or category. There are two feature additions that would make this app perfect. 1. Enabling user data to be encrypted by the user’s password before syncing it with Things cloud. 2. Dark mode

The Best!

Things 3 just keeps getting better and better with each update. I purchased each App they distribute and my productivity has skyrocketed and stress level has gone way down. Thank you, Cultured Code!



My Favorite To-Do App, but Could Use More.

Switched to Things from ToDoIst. Things just makes more sense to me and is easier to use. It also has a great interface and is enjoyable to use. I do miss a few things though, like having a web app, the Gmail plug-in and the ability to attach items. I can forward to-dos to Things via email but then it’s added as one big plain text note. I wish I could easily link to the actual email because sometimes there’s a lot of data in there. You CAN link to an Evernote note, which is very helpful. Overall I really do love Things, just not ready for five stars without a few additions.



Finally getting things done!

Things is hands down my favorite app on my phone! It looks stunning and the way it functions is amazing. After using the app for a couple of months now I love organizing everything I have to do and getting things done 👌🏻

App is very glitchy; unstable

I recently decided to give this app a whirl. I find it gets stuck on certain parts of the app. I find myself having to close out and restart it. I can’t believe I paid for this.

Things 3 is worth x5 the price

I’ve searched far and wide for a productivity app that’s simple, but not too simple. Things 3 does it right.

Powerful, Beautiful and Intuitive

Beautifully designed and intuitive to use, this app could have come straight from Apple. I absolutely love looking at it, which is important from a organizational app, and has become integral to my daily routine. Where I used to find myself forgetting to do boring tasks through out the day, this tool keeps me on track. I’ve tried a variety of options through out the years and this one, to me, combines simplicity of design with power of functionality better than any other. The only improvement I would like to suggest to developers is the ability to add pictures to tasks.

Frustratingly slow on large databases

The app hangs for several seconds when rescheduling a task on an account with many tasks. Crashes when rescheduling multiple tasks at once. I reported this bug in May 2017 and it is still not fixed.

Loving this App so far!

Tried multiple to do Apps however after reading online reviews from different websites and users I decided to pay for this and give it a try. So far so good. I see this helping me out allot. Set up a project for the online courses I am currently taking, brought over all of my reminders and events and it was perfect, no issues.

Works so well for me

I love this app. It works really well with the Getting Things Done method and the interface is very intuitive. It just meshes with the way my brain works so well. SO worth the money. I’m not sure how I managed without it before! The only drawback is that you can’t embed images or attachments (like you can in Evernote or Trello). That’s my only complaint though. Love everything else about it.

Very good GTD app!

This is my workhorse todo app. Recent upgrades have helped me follow the method even more, with areas, headings and projects. Great iPhone and Mac interface.

The Most Important App on my Phone

This app is beautiful, simple but powerful, and has improved my daily life immensely. I don’t have to worry about things being forgotten anymore. I bought this on all 3 platforms and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Overall good, need better complication

Everything’s good but the complication - why don’t you put the number of remaining tasks in the circle like you do in the app? At a quick glance sometimes hard to tell if all tasks are completed or none are completed.

I love it

I’ve tried several productivity apps, and this is the one I like the best. It fits my GTD process better than anything else I’ve tried. The only main feature I feel is missing is location based reminders.

Powerful, but with some annoyances

The most annoying thing is that when I edit a repeating task, it does not update the template, only the current copy. I always forget about this, and I have to update the changes in the template as well. I wish they would have a setting for this, or a question to update the whole series. I also wished they supported dependencies between tasks. This app has badges which you can set to "Due Items" only, but you cannot set due time, only due date. I do appreciate that Things has some powerful features (for example you can set tasks that repeat on certain multiple dates each month which I need a lot).

Almost There

Two gripes: 1) can’t attach files; 2) no dark mode. Until then, just another to-do app. BUT, what it does, it does flawlessly.

Need ability to periodically repeat a task

The app is good but it would be great if we can periodically repeat a task with a single click without having to recreate a new task every time.


I have been searching for the perfect to do/ productivity app for over 3 years and finally found it! I love the idea of having a long list of to do items in the “inbox” and picking which ones you want to do today. Projects are also super helpful. I’m so much more organized now. This app isn’t just an app I like- it’s become a part of my life. Thank you!

Extremely Good at What it Does

I’m entirely satisfied with Things. It’s stable and easy to use and works for me whether organizing a big project or keeping up on my daily to-do list! I bought both iOS and Mac versions and they’re both top notch.


Super app. Does everything including importing reminders from other apps.


Simple to use!

The best

Really, this is the best one. Look no further. I’m coming over from OmniFocus 2 and things is a sheer joy to use. Intergrates well enough with airmail and workflow that I can really get things organized and done. I just wish there was a way to really dump things out of my head and into this app the way I could in OmniFocus. Adding a way to add multiple items to my inbox rapidly would really make this app something else. (Hint hint, Devs)

Adore This App

I could weep for joy. Finally! Someone got it right. Everything I wanted and a lot of features I didn’t even think of. And I know it’s a little thing, but a shout out to whoever decided we didn’t need a big red “overdue” to appear on the tasks we failed to finish the day we planned to. It’s so much less pressure. I can open my app without feeling a sense of dread.

Great todo management, but lacking key features

I love this app and use it to manage both work and personal tasks. The interface is great across all of the versions (especially on iOS with the advanced dragging). However, there are a few features from the extensive list of competitors’ apps that I’d love to see added, including attachment support (especially when forwarding emails into Things), location based reminders, and dark mode. I’d also love to see a cleaner solution for project templates.

Please add tag filter buttons

Really would like the option to show some buttons which filter certain tags alongside Projects. Eg: I have things tagged #buy in multiple projects and when I'm at the shops then I want to easily see all of them. Same with #important. I want to see them all but not have to always remember to search the tag. The visual cue of seeing it there would remind me.

Basic functions not worth the money.

SAVE YOUR MONEY. Basically you list your to dos and sort them either on a calendar. Nothing too spectacular. It NOT worth the $10. Went to upload it on my iPad and they wanted $20 for something so basic.

Empty my minds

Pretty helpful. Hope it adds picture feature.

I didn’t purchase this item.

Refund my money

Fantastic upgrade

As a long-time Things 2 user, I finally added a Things 3 app to my phone. Wow. The developers seem to have gotten right into my head and added in functions in Things 3 for so many of the workarounds I had come up with to meet my needs in Things 2 (bullets in to dos, headings, ability to move to do order on iPhone app, the major update to Upcoming (I can see all to dos on upcoming scheduled days and easily adjust as necessary when I've gotten a little too carried away for one day's expectations)). Overall, this is a huge improvement to an already great app. Thanks Things team!!

A serious life changer!

I've been searching for a good life management app since the first iphone came out. None of them stacked up to what I wanted. This is everything and more, plus its very easy to use. The tutorial project made it even better for me. I hope this app stays around for many more years to come!

Game Changer!

I read someone else’s review that said this app was a game changer, and it is. My work load used to consist of two projects. Now I have eight. Balls were getting dropped. I needed to get SUPER organized. My brain did not have the bandwidth. Things comes with a practical tutorial to get you started. It’s easy and FUN to learn and use. This is the best $10 I’ve spent in a very long time. Again like another reviewer, I rarely write a review, but felt I owe it to this company for offering such a wonderfully designed app that has changed the way I work and live. For my situation, Things is not just helpful, it’s vital. I recommend Things with highest praise (and thanks).

Great but not perfect

Generally structured around GTD, this app makes it easy and fun to organize your tasks. Its strongest quality is the design. It’s aesthetically easy to look and easy to use. Principally, I bought for the tags and that it doesn’t have a subscription to use. Coordination between projects is crucial for today’s task apps and it’s surprising this app still lacks it. This will make it almost impossible to use outside of personal organization.

watch app is useless

what’s the point of having to physically interact with the watch to add a to-do, once for the voice (not so bad) but what’s infuriating is the necessary 2nd tap that allows u to add it to the ONLY VIEW/FOLDER ur able to see on ur watch face.. no other way to change folder besides the today view and if u add a new to-do, u have to tap for it to be added into today. otherwise it disappears into an inbox that u can never see from ur watch. that’s so backwards, fix this and i’ll fix my review. 2nd edit - even if u check off a task, there’s absolutely no way to undo that edit or check on ur finished tasks from ur watch, this apple watch app is more frustrating than it is useful. zero practical functionality

Great! One gripe

Great! My only gripe is that I wish the app would display each task with all of the text instead of shortening it with ellipses. It forces me to tap on each tap to read the entire task description. Otherwise amazing app!

Affordable, but buggy.

Sometimes lists don’t save and you lose all of that content in a task. Some reminder alerts don’t appear.

THE task app for anyone who’s got a lot to do

Love it, I have it on all my devices

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