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Buy it!

I bought Things when it first came out. After the iPhone version I bought the Mac version. It was an excellent software in its simplicity but it was GTD oriented mostly and I do not like that methodology. Also, several functions were lacking. Yet, I used it for years! I bought Omnifocus for both platforms as well. Too much! Whereas Things was a task manager, Omnifocus was a project manager. Too many functions. And even now, ugly interface reminiscent of early DOS. I relegated Things and I canned all other task managers. Until now. This new version of Things is what it had to be when Werner and the Cultured Code were rocking! Once again, Things is the leader! Its design is flawless as usual. Its functionality is unmatched. It is once again the best there is. Costly? Compared to others, maybe. But if you are able to use it, you have an Apple product and they are not cheap. They are not cheap because they are the best there is. And so is this software. Buy it!

Pretty great

Use this on phone, Mac and iPad. Would love to see location option for tasks (then location enabled reminders) and the ability to link tasks (like phone calls or emails or meetings) to contacts.


Is there a way I can give you more than 5 stars? I want to show my appreciation to your wonderful team!

Incredible Planner for Students

I was originally skeptical on paying $7 on a todo list app, but I’ve come to realize how great of an investment this was. I’m able to create many different headers in a project to categorize different classes I am taking! I no longer use a physical planner because this app takes care of that problem. The ease of use, simplicity, and great functionality is what led me to rating this app at 5 stars. Definitely worth the price!

Please add sub-areas!!

One of the major issues I've had with Things 3 is that there is still no ability to create sub-areas. I think this feature would be so beneficial for organizing projects & tasks. It's currently very difficult to track all of my responsibilities & goals without getting overwhelmed or confused by the lack of organization.

Best out there but

I love this app. It is the absolute best to-do app out there in my opinion. My opinion would be to not hesitate to buy it. However it still lacks the easy navigation and flow of some basic apps. First you cannot swipe from one day to the next. If I am looking at today, I have to go back to the menu, click upcoming and the scroll to the day I want to see. Why can I not just swipe right to see the coming days?? Seems like a very simple and obvious function. Also why is the “this evening” label something that cannot be applied in advance to a task?? Every day I have reoccurring tasks that I have to go to, select, hit “this evening” and then close. I should be able to select “this evening” when making the reoccurring task and just be done with it. I’m also confused with the ability to set a time with the task. Beside the fact that a notification will appear on your screen there is no time function within the day. What I mean to say is if I have a task set for 6 PM it just sits there with all the other tasks for the day they don’t have a time designated. There doesn’t seem to be away besides manually to re-order the apps based on the time that you have selected. Also if I select a time that is an evening why isn’t that task automatically moved to that this evening option I spoke of before. When importing events from the calendar it should also be able to import any notes or more details. Or in the least be able to open calendars once I click on the calendar event that was imported. Without a calendar view the added calendar events are just listed at the top of the day. It doesn’t seem to be able to integrate with the tasks so if I had a task that was set before a calendar event they would still feel separated. It doesn’t give you a today view in anyway of like planning your day. I also agree with some previous post is about the ability to have a different color text to make it more pleasing to look at and easier to decipher between projects and tasks. Finally like some have said I don’t understand why all the options are not available to you when you’re creating a task or making a project etc. Why do I have to select one option to get all the rest of the options. It’s very clunky. With all that said this app has the potential to be truly phenomenal and it’s not too far off already. Hopefully with the next few updates they will read the feedback we have provided and very easily make this app extremely easy to use, pleasing to look at, and unbeatable in its ability to replace all other apps and paper calendars/planners.

Love Things 3! Needs family collaboration

I’ve tried a ton of to-do list apps and project management apps, but Things 3 is by far the easiest to use. This app has allowed me to keep track of deliverables for complex projects and always ensure my responsibilities are completed on time. If there was one feature I’d wish they add is for Apple Family members to collaborate. We can all already download the app, but I cannot share lists and projects with my family. Things 3 is great for managing individual work, but comes up short when using it to manage your home life.

Love It, got great updates coming

Finally got clickable links for x-callback-urls in notes. Great update – well done! First time user of Things, just left OmniFocus and don't miss a thing exept what's described above. EveryThing is smooth and very easy to multi select and move tasks around. Also great with check lists, you can even paste a plain text list into a task to create the checklist if you so wish. Gets regular updates with bug-fixes, and now also clickable links for x-callback-urls in notes. Hope they will include attachments at some point, rather soonish ;) Don't mind no collaboration in Things (that would require Android and Windows versions as well, and a bit too much to ask for). Relying on Wunderlist for job related cross platform collaboration – as long as that lasts. (Most of my work team mates have Android phones) So, I don't mind to separate private and job related todos in two different apps. No problem at all :) Bottom line: Things is a life changer and well worth my money :)

The Best!

Tried many todo apps in the past couple of years, and Things is by far the BEST one I have ever used. I cannot go through the day without it. Its usability and user experience in general, is second to none. Full stop.

Lacking Customization for a Premium Price

This app seriously needs to offer some customization as 1-you can't change the font size and it's extremely small 2- The notification is just a little blip so you better be paying attention if you want to hear it. 3-Needs to have some notification sounds for reminders as it does not offer any 4- No location based reminders. 5-If you want to use Siri you need to give access to your reminders and then it deletes your reminders from the reminder app. I think for the high price of this app you would have more features. This is just a basic ToDo app

Decent, but it can easily be better

1. Keep the tags icon shown. Don't hide it when there's already tags on an item. Things changes the work flow when you go through many tasks. At least add the options to keep it shown in settings. 2. Swipe right needs to have more edit features. When you're editing an individual task, there's the "Move, Delete, More" menu down at the bottom. Add all the features of a task to that. As in, add "When", "Tags", "Deadline", "Move", etc - put ALL of them there. Then, when you swipe right to select many task, instead of having the "When, Move, Delete" menu at the bottom, just use the same menu as the individual task menu. This just adds consistency and allows us to edit more tasks quicker. Especially if I have a few tasks with the same deadline, I have to edit each individual task indepently and that takes forever. 3. Bring the keyboard hide button down with the keyboard. Or at least be able to drag it to the four corners of our content. This is really irritating with the plus models since I have to move my hands all over my phone just to put the keyboard away with the button. 4. Create a product key system so people can download the app for free, mess around with the demo project (just disable them to add anything other than what is described by the Project). Then, when they want to officially use the app, existing users can enter in their product key for a discounted upgrade price, and new users can purchase their product key for full price. This will allow people who are unfamiliar with the app to try it out, encourage existing users to stay, and maintain the $10 entry price. Obviously this system will have to keep track of which ipad/iphone/mac version of the app the user has purchased (to ensure the user pays the correct entry price), but that's three easy flags to keep track of.

Best "to do" app I've ever used. Love the inbox for a brain dump.

Very intuitive, Learning more uses every day.

Simply beautiful...

The design is so simple it's eloquent. In this case, less is more.

Back after many years

Best to-do app of all time. Bravo

A joy to use

Well-balanced design makes this fun to use

Best Calendar

I have tried so many apps trying to find the perfect calendar! I have found it!

Looks great works great

The only negative I can come up with so far is that I believe the recipe for peanut butter cookies in the demo is missing at least one key ingredient - flour. Otherwise, this new version looks and performs great.

Beautiful app, well thought out

The developers really care about making this app as great as it can be. Every detail is looked after. It works because they spent thousands of hours deliberating on how people manage their todos. And they got it right.

Great Design, User Friendly

Has everything imaginable and is super friendly!

Finally, found a killer app to organize tasks!

Love this app and the way it's laid out. My only suggestion would be to add the ability to join with others and assign tasks to each other. So in a band, I could tell Joe to finish the set list by tomorrow. Or at home, Becky needs to mow the grass on Saturday. Not only would that be a killer ability, it would drive additional sales to people that you want to share tasks with.

Things 3 is fantastic!!

This is what I was hoping Things 3 would bring to the table for us! Perfect. Everything I was missing in Things 2 is now in Things 3 and it's user interface/design is SO much better than I imagined, very thoughtfully planned and enjoyable to use. Great work!

Perfectly simple

I've used every todo list app under the sun, including that really grand GTD one. Things is the only one that meshes with my workflow. After years of trying to *get* GTD, I've finally realized that the system just doesn't work for me. And for how I work, Things is just perfect. Given its simplicity, I wish the Mac app were a tad less pricey, but for now I get by with just the iPhone app.

Things 3 is the best thing that's ever happened for me!

And that's saying something because I have kids! I have looked for a simplistic to do app for years. Years. And I came across this and was blown away by how many positive reviews there were. Downside is it's a little spendy but so worth it! Worth every penny! Everything about it is perfect. It's so easy and actually fun to use. This is my first review ever by the way! It deserved my first.

No Google Calendar Synch?

I wish that Things would integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar. Also, CRM from Wise Agent would be helpful.

Great app... but

Great app but please for your next update add support for location based reminders/tasks. Sometimes I need to go to Walgreens but then I'll forget why I came there for. If you add that feature, it'll be my favorite list making app.

Great app with low-overhead

I appreciate the "designerly-ness" of Things. It is simple and elegant both in terms of the user interface and the workflow. It requires mulch less "mental overhead" than Omnifocus. If you get things, it's super useful to have it on all your devices... they syncing is easy and flawless.


Things was great. The new upgraded revision is awesome. As soon as I can also sync cross-platform with a desktop version running on Windows, I can drop ChaosControl.

Things 3 is top-shelf and crushes the competition

I have purchased each and every single todo app available, including the most expensive sets, like OmniFocus. There is absolutely no question at all that Things 3 is just simply the absolute best in class todo app. It will surprise and delight you at every turn.

Great UI and philosophy.

The clean UI and interactions make it a pleasure to use. The self-referential tutorial todo list really works.

Elegant task-management

I used Things 1 years ago and stopped after it took so long to get syncing. Just tried out Things 3 and I've been really impressed at the design and workflow. It's so easy to add and track tasks--a real joy to use. However, I hope in the future they work on better email integration. 90% of my tasks come from emails. I want to be able to send an email to the Things Cloud, add hashtags in the subject and have Things parse it and create a to-do. I'd also like to see better Evernote integration so that I can store files and data that can be easily accessed. They have a reasonable solution right now, but it could be a lot better.

Worth the $$$

I started using Things this week and it is already my favorite to-do list / organizing app I've ever used (Graveyard includes: Evernote, Carrot, Trello, Notes, Reminders, teauxdeuaxx, and so forth etc etc) Bought the Mac App as well and I feel like we're going to be very close friends, Things and I. I came because of its Apple Design award, I'm staying because it's awesome.

Beautifully Designed

Update : Still using Things 3 on a daily basis and loving it. Just the right amount of depth without being over-featured. Everything i need to manage simple to-do items and bigger projects - all while being a stylish, fun to use app. I've tried a few other task managers on iPhone over the years and they've all been decent but somehow lacking. I'd fallen back on using Fantastical for a while which did the job well enough. Saw an article about Things 3 and decided to give it a try. Glad I did! All the features I really need in a task app along with a wonderful, compelling UI. Subtracted one star because I wish the Apple Watch app did a little more than just show the Today screen. Would really like to access projects straight from the watch. Would be great for grocery lists!

One of the best apps on the App Store

Simple, useful, reliable. It's that simple to use.

Don't be cheap. Support devs!!!

Get over yourselves. Pay the devs for good work, well done. It's worth the price. Good stuff here. And a few more updates and tweaks are probably on the way making it even better.

No words

This is the best upgrade from Things2. Super user friendly and packed with lots of conveniences. I like the sync and now notifications work better. This will make my job more streamlined. Thank you!

It actually makes my life happier

I used Thing's since its beginning on and off. I nearly switched to other apps several times when I saw other features in other apps that seemed cool, but I stuck with Things mainly because I didn't want to transfer projects. With v3, it's so fantastic. The interactions and workflows are smooth and simple. Making a project from a task, and having the checklist become tasks within the project is wonderful. The headings feature is fantastic. I've become a power user and my life is actually so on track and I'm feeling happy and productive. Definitely due at least in part to having this flexible, enjoyable app to keep my life organized.

Skeptic happily proved wrong

Thought this app was just overhyped. But I have genuinely found it useful and well thought out.

Useful app, icon needs redesign

The app is excellent but I dislike the icon, which looks as though it were designed for iOS 6 or earlier. Something cleaner and minimalist would be preferable; no borders. Yes, I do realize how petty I am being. The app itself is worthy of five stars, however.



Excellent, easier than Todoist, prettier than 2Do

Overall a great app. The sync between devices is seamless. Very intuitive interface. Built-in integration with Apple's Reminders app is great. Only downside (and it's a biggie) is that it does not allow for location-based reminders. Lame! But, other than that it is top-notch.

Save your money, completely overrated.

Will cost you $60 to use on iPhone and Mac. Things3 does not do anything that stands out from Things2. Also keep in mind CulturedCode has no problem selling a product for full price only to stop supporting it a handful of months later.

The earlier version was better

Things 3 is cumbersome. You have to press three taps just to put something in TODAY. And it's very sluggish... when I press plus to add a new to do, it hangs for what seems like a minute before it adds a new item; when I open the app, it takes forever for it to show anything, and I'm on an iPhone 6 with latest iOS. The earlier version was much quicker and easier to enter today items. Please fix this.

Best todo app yet!

I've used quite a few todo/task/GTD apps over the past few years. From the very basics of Apple's Reminders, all the way to the power of Omnifocus, I have used dozens of apps. Nothing, until now, has been this easy and powerful to use. The sticking point for me on most of these apps is either they are super easy to get info into them, but lack power and functionality. Or they are super powerful, but take too many steps to quickly jot down an idea. Things 3 (a huge step up from the older versions) straddles that line perfectly. I can do just about any power user task management thing I want it to do. But it's still super simple to capture info so that the app itself does not get in the way of its critical point: actually getting things done! Only one piece of feedback: perhaps over a 7 or 14 day trial versions, as that would allow more people to try this app out and determine if the want to spend the $9.99 on it. Thanks for the great app!

Best management organization tool on App Store yet

So very easy to use and a very clean interface I Love it and it is one of my new favorite apps

They've thought of everything

I was an die hard OmniFocus user for the last few years and after what seemed like an eternity for Things 3 to be released, it was well worth the wait. With a million different to-do apps to chose from, it's hard to find the one that works best for how YOU work. Things 3 is that. They've thought of everything. From the section heads, to the checklists within a to-do. It sounds like unnessccary complexity but it's executed perfeclty. I could go on but all just say, by now I've found a few things I can't stand about yet another task management application that makes using it feel counterintuitive - I haven't found that with Things 3. Rather, MORE things I find insanely useful. Get both the iOS and Mac apps, it's worth the investment.

Beautiful app, some features would be great to have

Well designed app. The one missing feature is ability to attach pictures to the tasks.

A life changer (fix the WatchOS now !!)

Things is maybe the most powerful and important app in my life. The interface, the entry creation via Reminders/Siri while driving. And I love the ver 3.0 makeover. I also love the quick entry in the OS version: a key feature in meetings. Alas, the Watch OS version is completely flawed and currently useless ! To do list is completely wonked: doesn't display the perfectly categorized and synced lists in the iOS and OS version. Culture Code, fix this now !

Simple. Beautiful.

Reminds me of fantastical. Going to use thee side by side. I thought I'd like the complicated functionality of omnifocus but I hated it, this is a nice change of pace when it comes to these sorts of apps. I can relax with to-dos now and not stress out so much.


This app is full of potential for me to get organized and more efficient.


I have switched from the iOS built-in Reminders app to using Things 3. It's amazing how I can now handle everything and not forget anything! Note to the developer: It loads pretty fast, but since I use it all the time I'd like it to load instantly.

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