Things 3 App Reviews

Too bright needs dark mode

The app is good, but the user interface is too bright. It needs a dark mode badly.

Great Tutorial

I’m often flustered with apps that don’t take the time to guide me through a process. I’m up and running after 1 weekend-Very thorough and I’ll probably keep using it as a result

Nice todo/checklist app

This is a pretty basic todo or checklist style app that does what it does really well. It got an Apple design award I suspect for its slick interface and uses Apple’s latest and greatest features like drag and drop which is helpful in doing things in less steps and makes using the app more intuitive. But it’s not that powerful. So, it’s a bit more form over substance. It’s not really a task manager like Omnifocus that can handle custom views and lots of nested and sub tasks, etc. Omnifocus is a bit more substance over form. So, I use Omnifocus for work to manage hundreds of pending projects and tasks and Things 3 for my personal small checklists.

Just about perfect

This app is exactly what you want from a task Managment tool. Well designed and the more I’ve used it the more nice touches I find. As an example I love having a link back to the original email In Apple mail using the Mac app or drag and drop on the iPad, but by some magic the app also includes a link back when I forward an email using the Things email service! Well done! Otherwise would love direct syncing to Alexa lists as well but just a fantastic product.

Wonderful app!

I got Things 3 to help keep myself organized while finishing University. It is a wonderful app and very aesthetically pleasing! Well done! I am very pleased with this app! It has been easy to learn and use! Thank you! My suggestions after a few weeks with it: Have some integration with the Calendar app or Fantastical to generate to-do’s when you create an event in the calendar and vice-versa. Also with subscribed calendar feeds. My school automatically generated a calendar feed for us to subscribe to that shows assignment due dates. That would be awesome if Things would generate to-do’s and due dates based on that. Basically, the more integration with Calendar or Fantastical, the better!

Love this app but there’s still room to grow

This app is great, don’t get me wrong, but the one thing that keeps me from sticking to it is the minimal organization. I used 2Do but it didn’t feel as nice as this app although it was still a powerhouse manager. I wish there was a way to stack, or “nest” areas or projects so there is more organization.

Nice but

I like this app but it’s not working on my Watch 3??

Huge help

I have always needed lists! Now mine can be worn on my wrist on my Apple Watch. This is the best app I’ve used for a number of reasons. It’s easy to use, very user friendly. It has accountability. I can share my lists with others. I can prioritize. I’m a fan!



Just As Good As The Other To Do Apps

Give it to them - the marketing message on the App Store is well formulated, but when it comes down to it the functionality doesn’t justify the high price tag. If there was a deeper integration with the native iPhone calendar (e.g. slot a to do into a calendar event and schedule the precise time or to turn an email follow-up into a to do) I may think about it a bit differently. There is so much more that could be done including integration with the likes of Outlook or Gmail email apps. If you are a very simple to do list user and would like to group tasks by category, set general reminders then use the Reminders app on the iPhone or find a free / low-cost to do app. The price for this app simply is not justifiable.


The most beautiful task manager I have ever used 👍

Things is boring - also NO response from Customer Service

IF you have any issues, they will NOT respond to you. Usually, they ignore you. If they do respond to you, they will tell you they will put your name on a list, but they NEVER get back to you. This app is BORING!!! Also, what’s with all of the boring white?!? Why not be able to CUSTOMIZE the color scheme?? Also, this app’s headquarters is is Germany - which probably explains a lot of the reason why you just get ignored, and are unable to get any help. Please do not waste your money on this app. You will just be flushing your $10 away....

Enjoy but...

Wish the font was a little bigger in the weekly schedule section, I feel like I have strain to see the schedule. Also, when I pasted a phone number along side a to do such as someone to call at a certain time I expected to be able to touch it and have call from the app itself. These things would be nice!!! Thanks!

Maybe the best

Loving it so far, what separates this one from many of the other popular to do lists is the “project” piece. With others, projects seem to just be folders. With Things 3, projects. An actually be created for projects with end dates and the entire project can be checked off. Huge difference in my opinion.

Things and stuff

Three grandkids couple of care kids and more schedules with house work and household than a calendar can keep up with. I thought retirement would slow my world down...Nahhhh. I was running 4 different to do apps and 3 different lists trying to keep everything running smoothly, because none of them handled it all. I put off buying things for a long time even though I kept looking at it. Now I wonder WHY did I wait? It’s amazing how simple it is to run any number of schedules, lists, todos, and the “logbook” saves everything I’ve done so I know. There’s a learning curve, and some isn’t totally intuitive, but once you figure it all out it becomes indispensable. I spent more on all the other apps I tried & discarded than I spent on this, and it really clears up my cluttered main screen.


Would love to be able to underline and bold in notes. Only suggestions.


Even before winning the design award, I knew Things was the best todo app I had never used. I avoided it for a while because of the price tag, but ultimately caved and... yeah, it’s worth it. The experience just oozes polish. Frankly, it’s probably one of the best apps on the store solely because of its integrity as a piece of art—er, software. It doesn’t check every box I have for a todo list app, but that’s kind of irrelevant to this review. An absolute delight.

Needs group management.

Until there is the option to use things to manage a household I’m going to stick with Todoist.

This is the one

There are a ridiculous number of apps in this category. I thought I’d be trying them out all night. Fortunately, Things is so beautiful, so well designed that my search did not take long. The primary competitors to this just don’t come close to the elegance and ease of use. I look forward to using this for years.

It's the best out there

This little app & the corresponding desktop app make such a difference. It's streamlined, efficient & minimalist, and yet it has more functionality than most of its competitors. It can take an enormous workload and make it feel manageable. The only thing missing is a calendar view for planning out future tasks. Hopefully they will integrate that soon!

Dark mode

Dark mode is the only thing preventing this app from getting five stars.

The Best

Came back after using Things 2 forever and then moving to other tools for a couple of years because cultured code was sooooooo sloooooow in improving it. But except for a few very minor usage choices things 3 makes it all a breeze. The efficiency of use truly makes it invisible. Quite an achievement!

UI, GTD and Features

First of all This app is great and definitely worth the money you paying. For GTD users: I can assure you that there is no app that can help you to implement full GTD in your life like Things! It is simple, ubiquitous, action oriented and a good planner. About features: There are some missing features that can improve this app way more. - text recognition for tags, projects and due dates. when I type my to-do it will be greatly for me to just add my tags, choose between my projects and set a due date just by typing some symbols like # or @ - sharing project with people who has things too. If I and my friends or family want to do a similar project why shouldn’t we see all to-dos and plans together in one platform. - attach files from Dropbox, iCloud and etc. There is no need to attach files directly into Things, but it’ll be helpful if I could go to files or folders I need right from Things.

It's great

It's great, however it starts glitching and the screen flashes black on my iPhone X.

Amazing UI

This app is an amazing one no questions asked with it’s amazing user interface and simple controls. Plus it’s compatible with Siri. Overall awesome!

Long-time user, very happy with Things 3

Have been using Things for many years now, both on Mac and iOS. It’s helped me keep different areas of my life organized, both with home responsibilities and volunteer commitments, and with a multi-faceted job teaching and administrating at an independent school. I especially like the new checklist feature, time-based reminders and the improved ease of navigation. Vielen Dank, Cultured Code!

Changed My Relationship to the Word “Responsibility”

It’s the weirdest feeling, but I actually LIKE responsibilities now! With Things I tell myself “I GET to do this...” even if it’s not all that interesting. There’s something about the way it’s designed that makes it truly remarkable for the user. This company clearly takes pride in what they do. This app is by far the most inspiring tool I’ve ever used. Life can be challenging, but Things makes it infinitely more fun and engaging. I feel like I’m playing a video game while using it. I’ve had so many disparate ways of managing my responsibilities, and to think that I could actually find an app to use on my phone to sync my priorities into one place seemed like a bad idea since I already spend so much time on it. But the time I spend on Things is easily the best use of my time throughout the day, and I’m always thinking of how to use it more intelligently. I am so grateful for this app and I really hope to use it for the rest of my life. Seriously. Keep it up guys!!!

Wonderful app, yet still frustrating!

I love this app. I've been a supporter since day one. I've sold the farm to purchase it on every available platform in every version they've ever released, and I don't regret it for a minute. I've spent my entire adult life developing software professionally in the mainframe industry, and so I believe in supporting good developers by paying them for their hard work. Things is a wonderful app that is loved by a lot of people. Just read the reviews. I'm one of them. I use it every day. But I absolutely despise the way Cultured Code pretends to take feedback from their loyal customers seriously, only to do nothing about it year after year. Version 3 is a big improvement, but the number of features still lacking after so many years is just breathtaking! There are far too many to list here, but the one that kills me is that we STILL cannot complete a recurring task early. Are you kidding me?! This is something that people need to do in real life on a regular basis! We've been begging for this feature for years, but as usual, our requests are completely being ignored. So, for example, if you have a task that repeats after completion and isn’t due for another week or so, but you want to go ahead and get it done today, (like getting your oil changed a little early)... there is no way to mark it as complete in Things. Can't do it. Can't be done. You have to either delete the entire task and then re-create it and set up the whole recurring pattern again, or you have to wait until the task actually comes due, and then mark it as complete at that time... which then throws off your next actual due date. This architecture is so insanely archaic, words cannot begin to express how utterly frustrating it is to have to constantly work around this stupid problem. Hey guys, wake up! I'm one of your biggest fans, and I'm giving you a 2 star review! This is a problem that has been crippling your app for years, and your customers have been extremely patient dealing with it, but we shouldn't still have to be dealing with it in 2017!

The Very Best

I have used many productivity apps over the years to manage multiple projects and people. Things 3 beats my most favorite to do app by easily 30% greater experience overall. This is huge as I loved the other app:)


Wow. Great app. I've been trying as many to do list apps as I could find. I don't regret this purchase. One critique... For such a beautiful app, why is the home screen icon so hideous?

Over Hyped

For what this app does, I really think it’s over priced and over hyped. It has some nice features like I can see my today list on my apple watch. It does what it says but its not really more than a simple list todo app. I really wish there was a calendar view. Like in ‘Upcoming’, if you could tap the calendar icon and actually see a calendar. There’s no way to see details more than a week in advance. So if you like to plan out your month, this isn’t the app for you. Also, when I am scheduling a repeating task on a specific day for the next week, the app doesn’t recognize the day. It always wants to repeat on Wednesday and I have to change it. Its minor, yes, but still annoying. Same thing with repeating a monthly task. It doesn’t recognize the date and I have to manually put it in. Honestly, I regret buying it. There are cheaper and better options on the app store.

Needs iCloud support

Why should I need to create an account for your application when Apple already has a standard cloud for everything? Processing a refund

Great app!

Love this app! It would be even better if the Apple Watch complication showed the badge count like the iOS app.

Amazing & delightful. Just needs sharing.

I love this app, and look forward to using it for all kinds of, well, things. My only lament is that I can’t assign an item to someone, as I can do in free task managers like Wunderlist). Will this be on the feature roadmap?

Really good!

I've tried a lot of similar apps and this one finally satisfied my productivity and task managing needs. I would like to see a few things added: 1. Dark mode! 2. The ability to convert checklist items into regular todos and vice versa.

Capable but inflexible

On the whole, Things is a terrific app. Beautifully designed and well organized. The issue is that Things completely fails to support any workflows that don’t conform to its philosophy. For instance, repeating tasks don’t inherit the Today/Evening setting of the original task. You cannot complete a project or task before its start date, even if you know it’s already complete. Evening tasks count toward the notification badge before it’s actually evening. These hang ups add up to a merely so-so experience — the app is good at what it does, but absolutely terrible at what it wasn’t built for.

Missing sync to calendar feature

Sometimes I want to view Scheduled appointments by date in a standard 30 day or week calendar format and “things” doesn’t offer this. In a nutshell I cannot use/see my “things” that have date deadlines in my calendar apps. but I can use Things to see my existing calendars in their list format. Bottom line I want to see my Things appointments in my calendar app.

Switched from Todoist

I find this version of Things 3 refreshing. After years of using Todoist, I have made the switch and I couldn’t be happier. The app is beautiful and efficient.

Gorgeous design

One of the most beautiful apps I use, but sometimes frustrating. Cultured Code, and Things, are both very opinionated. Which means if your workflow fits in the software, you will love it. If there is anything that doesn’t, you’re going to hit walls. If you’re starting from scratch, you could do far worse. If you’ve used similar software before, give it a shot. Import your tasks from your other app and see how it fits your flow.

No night / dark mode

It’s a good app. I would add a few more settings. And definitely a dark mode.

Essential App for Anyone Trying to get Organized!

I really enjoy this app! I check it every morning. Now I only wish that you guys make a calendar app that fully incorporates Things! I would definitely buy this app!

One issue

When you force touch and complete one reminder from the notification screen (lock screen) it removes all other Things notifications instead of just that one.

Almost Perfect

As expected, the design is beautiful in both how it looks and how it works. It lends itself to quickly getting down tasks and ideas and allowing you to do heavier organizing and scheduling when it makes sense to do so. As a former lover of Wunderlist, this is the only app that I’ve found to meet (and maybe exceed) that service. A few adjustments would make it the best to-do platform, hands down: - an option for a subscription. I would love to pay you on a reoccurring scheduling for access to all your apps, rather than paying for each app individually. - basic collaborative lists (shared, and assigned tasks) - able to check off reoccurring tasks early - address some infrequent flicking of the interface when moving between task lists (iPhone X)

Thanks for email support!

I’ve been sorely missing it from OmniFocus, but now that Things supports this great feature, my workflow is back to being smooth.

Can’t Live Without This App

Things has finally combined everything I need into one app to manage my entire day. It is the most robust app on the market for managing task, projects and daily agenda. With the ability to use Siri and sync by the cloud, it is my lifeline to staying productive and stress-free! Literally it’s the one app I could not live without!

One thing missing is

The ability to share a list with another user.

Fabulous improvements

I’ve used just about every to-do app around. Keep coming back to Things. Email to Things is a wonderful improvement. And Siri support rocks. How about Alexa support? Fifth star.

Do not wait. Get Things 3 now.

This app has changed my life. I am a successful senior executive, but have always struggled staying organized - and things just get missed. I have tried every planner, to do app, organizer there is. Things 3 is intuitive, there for me when i need it and has allowed me to sleep soundly without worrying about what i forgot to do or write or whatever. The new mail to feature is the last piece to this perfect companion. Get rid of all your other list, organizer apps as get Things 3. You won’t regret it.

For $10, it’s missing key features. Disappointed.

I’ve heard great thing about this app; I was hesitant to buy it for $10 and my hesitation is proving to be right. The UI is gorgeous and simple, but it’s missing essential features, especially for that price tag. I have a “Daily Reminders” project that is useless because I can’t set actual daily notification reminders for each task without having to take convoluted steps that confusingly creates a “1 later project” section when I apply the “Repeat” option. I tried making my “Daily Reminders” project in the New Area section instead, but I had no luck getting daily notifications by using this method, either. Why can’t I just simply create a daily reminder for each To-Do task individually (I need to be reminded about some of my daily To-Do tasks at varying times, but I would like them all to be in my “Daily Reminders” section)? Why is this so complicated? I have to continue using my old reminders app for this function instead. That app cost me $0. There should be an option to have notes in every task, not just the heading section. Even for tasks under headings and tasks within tasks, it would be useful if we can attach notes to every task. There should be an option to make notes always visible instead of having to press on a task to see them. For $10, there should be a dark mode. I really regret my purchase and if I don’t hear back from the developers, I will be looking for a different reminders app. I wish I could get my $10 back.

Some essential features are still missing!

How hard is it to implement complete recurring task early function?

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