Things 3 App Reviews

Works great with Apple Watch & Siri

I have long looked for a to-do app that would put the list on my Apple Watch. This one does. And it works perfectly! The app is very useful. I like that I can tell Siri to add a tear, which list, and under day and time. Fantastic!!!!!

Love it!

I really really love this app. It's beautiful and simple to use while being extremely powerful. It supports my GTD-ish ways very well without the overwhelming features of Omnifocus. Couple of minor improvements I'd like to see: -Don't show a badge on the app icon for tasks I've put in "this evening" until it's actually evening (and let me set when "evening" starts). I like the badge as a quick way to see how many things are still on my plate, but don't want it to nag me about home tasks when I'm at work. -Let me schedule things for "tomorrow evening", etc. Again, makes it easier to divide home and work tasks.

So close to 5 star.

Things is a well thought out and designed product. It is intuitive and very user friendly. I was excited at first because I thought that when they said “sharing” it meant that there would be a way to share a to-do list with another user, not just the text of the to-dos. Not having true collaborative abilities for projects makes it difficult to coordinate the progress of things. If my wife and I had the ability to have separate accounts but share certain lists/projects within the app itself, Things would be 6/5 stars. Please just add true collaborative abilities. I’m tired of trying to replace Things.

Love the new version

Been a Things user since way back in the mists of time; Things 3 brings clarity and freshness back to how clear Things felt at 1.0 (when iOS was heavy and my list of Things was still small). Well done! Honest: just yesterday, I wrote a review asking for collapsible Areas, and today they roll out the feature. Talk about responsive developers! (Obviously, kidding; I’m sure that took a lot of thought and work: thank you!) The implementation of hiding Areas is great; the modification to the icon in collapsed state, and the animation in and out of it, are perfect. (I do wish on Mac I could option-open or option-close to open or close all.) I’d love to also see headings in Areas, and Undo. Maybe support for Shake to Undo? I'm not a huge fan of shaking my phone around in the air like a lunatic, so I suppose the method is less important than the result, but some universal method for Undo is really needed; I’ve had a few errant taps that deleted or moved something I didn’t mean to, and the time to try to remember what that was and fix it is just lost time. Please? Undo? Overall, excellent app, refinements just keep making it better. Yay!

The best app ever.

Things is my favorite app! I use it every single day. It keeps me organized and is so easy to use. I highly recommend because it is worth every penny.

Getting better and better

Things 3 is my go to app for keeping track of things. It’s simplistic, yet powerful, design is easy to use, easy on the eyes, and offers enough options to handle my needs. Five stars if the following two things can be added in the future. 1.) Ability to bulk tag on iOS. Don’t know why this isn’t an option but tagging items one by one is tedious and slow. We can select multiple items and move them to different areas, why can’t we add tags to these items? 2.) I know it’s a stretch, but location reminders would be the icing on the cake. I’d love to be able to tag things with a location and have them pop up when I’m there - I suppose things isn’t really designed this way though. Bonus points if you can add collaboration in someway to things 3. I’d love to share projects around the house with my wife. As it stands Things is a strong 4 Star app with 5 star potential. Keep the updates coming!

Great app - some suggestions

This is a great app. I have moved away from Todoist (thanks for the import tool!) and this has become my go-to list app. I have a few suggestions: - add ability to complete reoccurring tasks earlier than expected - make repeat tasks with a reminder time occurring in the evening, default to the "evening" section if it rolls over to the next day, not the "today" section (move to the bottom, not the top) - indicate somewhere in the title of the task that it is a repeat task (I don't see it in today view). - create the ability to move multiple tasks inside a project (square icon) into a to-do list for a singe task (round icon). In other words move a group of higher level tasks into a sub level list of a single task. Keep up the great work!

Good ToDo list

Simple-ish app with a system that works with the ‘Getting Things Done’ mentality. Has reminders and calendar integrations. It provides a very nice system to triage your actions for the day and prioritize what you want to do in the future. Pay once. Not required to sign in to anything.


Overpriced, and they don’t accept refunds?

I don’t understand it fully yet

I may need more time

Disappointing to a long time Things 2 user

I’ve used Things 2 for many years and finally took the plunge and purchased Things 3 because of its ability to integrate with Calendars. I have to say- I’m very disappointed. Cons: 1. The Today view in Things 3 now looks like a big cluttered mess because To-Do’s in different areas aren’t divided off into different sections. You can’t even change the font color. So, things I need to do at work and things I need to do at home aren’t easily and quickly visually distinguishable when looking at my day. This is a big set back from Things 2. 2. There’s a nice new feature to move To-Dos to “This Evening.” But, after the end of the day, things that were scheduled for evening, move back to the same cluttered mess with all the other to-do’s. I’d really like to see an upgrade that allows scheduled recurring to dos to be created under the “this evening” heading. For example, I always go to the gym at night. I’d like that reminder to appear there rather than have to move it every day. Pros: 1. The calendar integration is very well done 2. The ability to set alerts/alarms within a to-do is great. Previously in Things 2, I was unable to do this Overall: If you really like Things 2 and aren’t sure whether or not to pay $10, don’t do it. I’m going back to Things 2 unless they update this app with some options to change the appearance of different Areas and fix some other bugs.

Remove core functions for complicated

If you have a lot of time to devote to your to-do app, you’ll love this one. I’ve had it for many years and have put up with their arbitrary design changes and love affair with their own cleverness for too long. And try searching their website for help, good luck with that. Why for the love of all that’s good, would you remove the ability to create repeating events in iOS? It’s a core functionality, not creating events via email.

Handy little app but the icon really bugs me

The check mark isn't centered at all and there's shapes within shapes and colors within colors. It's a very ugly icon and I would love the opportunity to change it to something more simple/cohesive. Mostly it's the check mark though. I use things a lot because I'm meticulous and that really really bugs me.

Nice app but no good backup solution and privacy concerns

The only backup solution is to use their own backup servers with no option to backup to iCloud or Dropbox. Once your data is on their server the privacy police is vague stating your info can be used for “legitimate business purposes” .

Best app out there

Honestly everything about this app is amazing. The interactions. The seamless syncing between devices. The on boarding to-do lists leave you feeling inspired to get into a serious workflow to get things done and in order. I’ve tried a multitude of cheaper or free to-do list apps and had little to no success with them. This one actually encourages a workflow rather than just writing down things you haven’t done yet. Splash the cash, get into a routine with this thing, and see things done. Big love for this app.

Needs a web app

I love the app and want to use it, but can't without a web app or Windows app. I spend 8 hours a day on a Windows Surface. The Surface goes with me into meetings, as mobile devices aren't allowed on the corporate Network, so I take all my notes on the Surface. It's a real pain to then create tasks in Things after the meeting by re-typing the action items into my phone. With a web app I could at least enter my tasks on the Surface while in the meeting. 80% of my tasks are work related, in a Windows Enterprise, while all my personal device's are all iOS/Mac. I'm stuck using Todoist until something better comes along with web support or Windows client. Things is a great app if you are 100% iOS/macOS. Probably the best iOS/macOS task app out there to be honest. If you need to interoperate with any other OS, there's no Web app so you're out of luck.

Refuse to rate the app 5 stars till Dark Mode Added

I believe this is a great tool. Not having a dark theme despite it being a commonly requested feature is unacceptable. This isn’t a free app, get with the program and I will revise my rating to reflect the app overall.

It’s OK, could be much better

Appreciated the ability to import my task list from another task management app. Not having a calendar view for future dates makes it difficult to plan too far out. Simply seeing a list by month is not helpful. Also, the extremely tiny font size in the iPhone version makes it virtually unusable to me. (I purchased the iPhone, iPad and OS X apps.) Please add the ability to change the text size. Almost every other app includes this capability, especially considering the price you’re charging. Still evaluating whether to keep this app or find something more robust for busy professionals.


One word: phenomenal.

Beware before importing tasks

I wish there was a trial version. I paid the app fee and was getting to know the app. I thought it would sync with my Reminders app and then sync with my outlook account. Tasks I created did not end up in the outlook app. I imported tasks into Things 3 and all tasks were marked as completed in the Reminders app and subsequently my Outloon account. The dates and times of those tasks did not import in the Things 3 app. I'm now going to screenshot the imported tasks, delete this app and then redo the tasks in the Reminders app. If I was using this app on my phone and not trying to sync with reminders and outlook, I would really like this app. I do like the upcoming view and being able to see a list of upcoming tasks and events sorted by months. It was not hard to enter a task.

Getting my life on track!!!

This is my first time writing an app review... I felt compelled to do so to say thank you for helping me get my life back on track! I’m going through some heavy personal stuff right now and I am already a very disorganized person with attention problems - I have already tried all sorts of organization apps and methods. This one finally feels like it has everything I need to stay on track. It is the perfect combination of simplicity (so I don’t feel overwhelmed), time management, and project management.

What can I say? Things is the best GTD

Thing has saved my life for work and personal life. I use it daily for every task to keep me in line and on task. The integration with Siri is a fine touch as well. The projects feature is even better because I can keep future tasks in line as well. Thank you cultured code. Your application is truly a life saver for my life. I have recommended all my team mates to purchase it as well for the computer and iPhone as this integrates smoothly with both devices.

Love It!!

Best app. in this category. I’ve used several different ones in the past. Highly recommended.

Costly for similar app

This is a nice app but IMO it amounts to Apples’ Notes app, which comes with the IOS software. Why pay $10 (phone) and another $20 (iPad) when you can set up the same ideas on ‘iNotes’? A little maddening after downloading these apps.

Great app missing one thing

5 stars all day. Best task app by far. I just wish you guys would add ability to assign tasks to other people so my spouse and employees could use it as well!

Good app. Looking for a few things to be added

I usually don’t pay this much for an app, but when I read articles looking for the best to do apps for ppl who just want the day to day todos up front, this was the one! It is very streamlined and has almost everything I could want. I’ve used a lot of todo apps before and this is working the best so far. I love the ability to create projects and organize them by type. I created an event category and add each event that is coming up as a project. Things does the countdown for the events for me and that really helps. I like things a lot but I am begging for some additions. - color coding or icons - I am a visual person. I’d love to be able to color code things either based on tags or timelines or manually depending on my mood :) icons would be a nice plus too but color is the top. - I really wish I could open my things via a web browser on my PC. I don’t use Mac but with so much to do some days, being able to open it on my computer would be very helpful. - I wish I could see today and “upcoming” at the same time without the back and forth. I’m often looking at today and deciding if I can push something to tomorrow but in Things I have to go back and forth to see both views. I’d rather be able to scroll up and down to see the next day just like I can when I’m in upcoming. - I’d like reminders to repeat until I mark something complete. If I fail to complete something one day, remind me the next day at the same time. - finally I wish the things would show up on my lock screen if they are marked important or past a deadline or something. I previously used the iOS reminder app and I liked that my outstanding todos stood on my lock screen as a constant reminder. I’m not sure if this is possible but worth asking :) Overall I feel like I have toooo much to do lately and Things is helping a lot. These additions would make it help even more!

A Diamond in the To-Do-List App Stack

This is the app I had been searching for! The app that would finally allow me to natively manage in bulk all of my tasks on iOS, and to set dates and other key task info not only in bulk but also as quick as possible through the UI! Unlike other clunky applications such as Omnifocus, I can finally spend more time DOING TASKS instead of ENTERING and having to REARRANGE the tasks... Things 3 is what I needed all along to DO THINGS! :) If you want to delve into all this app has to offer without purchasing it check out the Things 3 official website which goes into detail and has short video demonstrations of what you can expect! The information on that website gave me the necessary information I needed to make the informed purchase that I did with 0 regret! This wonderfully fast yet plentifully feature-sufficient application has saved my once sorry miserable procrastinating butt!

Easy flow, beautiful, and yet profoundly powerful

I’m one of those productivity seekers who switched back-and-forth between OmniFocus and Things a couple of times. Recently I came across Things 3 which I hadn’t looked at for least a year. As robust and powerful OmniFocus might be, I also found it to be an app that requires a lot of heavy lifting. It’s still an excellent app, but Things 3 feels and looks so effortlessly while retaining a powerful engine under the hood. For the past two weeks I’ve been totally thrilled with Things 3 and transitioned task Management to Things. It’s worth every moment I spent learning the new features.

Solid app

I wish there’s a snooze function for the reminders

Totally worth the money!

Took me awhile to decide. But not regret to buy it at all.

Not worth the money

It’s a fine app but there are so many other free ones like wunderlist and 2Do and many more that do just as much if not more. I think price is fair for any app like this but when you have others that are free it’s just a waste of money in my opinion. So my low review is for the price not the app itself. Why spend the money if don’t have to. I already paid so can’t get refund but was expecting it to be so great and it’s really no different than the other top free ones out there.

Makes life easier

Had a struggle choosing the app to track all the tasks, both personal and work related that would qualify. This one came as a life saver in the regard. It’s convenient, self-explanatory and does exactly what I need. It’s also simple, clear and these two qualities I believe are the side effects of a great product! Very well done, team!

Versatile app for GTD

I’ve tried other paid (even subscription apps) for GTD. This app has the flexibility to keep everything you need to know in one place!! Thank you for a great app!

Nearly Perfect

For a couple years I’ve used 2Do as my go-to task manager. Things 3 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that 2Do has, but it has nearly all the ones I used. Personally, the ability to color-code projects/lists was something I really enjoyed in 2Do and wish it was present in Things 3. I hope this is added soon. Pictures is also something I look forward to adding, as another way to visualize my tasks. Finally, I wish there was more integration into alternative calendar apps, such as Fantastical. Being able to link to and from my task-manager and my calendar is awesome, but it only links to native calendar. Hopefully this is expanded in the future. Overall, Things 3 has been an absolute joy to use, and I’ve almost completely migrated from 2Do because of the awesome interface.

Love it! Best experience.

The overall productivity and planning experience of Things 3 is soooo much better than the other apps I’ve used in past years (OmniFocus, Todoist, TickTick)… and I’m positive that a lot of this has to do with the thoughtful design choices their team has made. It works great on both Mac and iOS.

Such a phenom!

I can’t think of anything else of how much better this app could be! I do hope they plan on adding more features!

Really great to do manager.

Really great paired with the Mac app. Bullet journal style daily task management helps keep me sane! Lost a star for not being a universal app and charging for iPad separately. I would like to use it on my iPad from time to time but not enough to pay extra... a frustrating middle ground.

Simple and Amazing!

$10 dollars to uncluttered your life!

Things 3 is an Excellent Organizer

The new Things 3 app is an excellent organizer. I have used and tried nearly all of the paid versions of high-end task managers, including Todoist, OmniFocus and others, and settled on Things 3. Things presents a Today View and Upcoming View, and pulls in events from a calendar. Great app. John Herrmann

Decent but could be better

Can we please get a dark mode? This app is too white. I use it often at night and my eyes hurt every time I’m in the app. I don’t want this app to ruin my eyes. A nice dark grey theme would be great. Can we get reminder notifications for each task? (No, the snooze function does not count.) I can’t believe the app is missing such an essential function. Why? I wish we could separate/group tasks in the Inbox by type. I have my daily tasks mixed in with my school/medical/etc. tasks. Messy. A clean divider between tasks in Inbox is needed. It doesn’t seem like the developer(s) reply to these reviews often so I hope someone at Things is listening.

Loads everything twice on my X.

For some reason, it loads every single page, dialog box, etc twice. I've deleted and reinstalled it. It's so frustrating. It even loads the keyboard twice.

محدثكم من الكويت

البرنامج الي استخدمه على الساعة والتلفون و الماك بوك .. يذكرك بكل شي .. ١٠/١٠

Amazing app but

The mac version costs 50 bucks. I already paid 10 dollars for an app for the first time in my life and now I have to pay 50 more, to switch from using notes to things...

Love it

Beautifully designed, powerful yet simple. Definitely one of the best pieces of software ever created.


Bought today and can already tell will be my go to productivity app. Will be buying for my MacBook as well.

Not getting reminders

This app used to be good. I gave it full stars but now, I’m dropping it down to two. The reason being is when I set a reminder for a to-do, I’m not getting any notifications. I missed a few appointments because of it. 🤬 Maybe it’s just the iPhone app. I hope the developers fix this issue. If you’re reading this, you might want to think twice about it.

Still crashes quite often

I have submitted several bug reports before and still experience several crashes months after my submissions. This is marketed and prices as a premium app, so I would suspect it won’t crash when simply opening from the background.

Fantastic App

Feature rich enough to be useful over the long term but not so complicated as to be abandoned. Brilliant Apple ecosystem integration: display Apple Calendar appointments within the app, integrates with Apple Reminders, and create to-do’s (with link-backs) from within Apple Mail on MacOS. Great workflow if paired with Apple Mail in split-screen mode on MacOS. Beautifully designed. There are very few reasons to be disappointed with this app. Things is built rock solid, very definitely worth the price, and will serve the needs of a great many very nicely.

Awesome app, once you get a hang of it!

I am one of those cliche ‘list people’. This app fulfills all my needs. Simple categorization, lists within lists, progress tracking, and especially its simple integration with Siri. MUST BUY APP FOR ‘LIST PEOPLE’ LIKE ME!

Fantastic task manager

I have been using to-do lists for over 30 years on paper, spreadsheets, pre-printed forms, Word documents, and a variety of downloaded software programs and websites. This is the first one that after using for a while I feel like I’ll be using daily in a year from now. Kudos to the development team on creating a robust set of features that are implemented in a attractive way. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the improvements it will make in my life.

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