Things 3 App Reviews

Easy to use

Finally decided to move on trying a new app to keep track of my to do list. After a little research i decided to try Things 3. It ended up being a very good decision. This app is easy to use. I have converted over to it completely. I even set it up to keep track of the TV programs i am watching. I am glad i made this move to start using it. 10/21 update: now i am really into this app 100% i decided to delete my reminder app. This app has motivated me to keep up with my projects and to do list referring to it as my day passes. Great app.

Great organizer

Only criticism is that for setting up tasks that need to be repeated, it doesn’t seem possible to change the length of the repeat term without deleting the task and creating an entire new task.

works well at good price but no gps support

Yeah the ui is cool. I like the projects and tags and such. Sync is nice and imports are good. However the stock reminders app features location support. I’d like to see that added.

Great app with an important shortcoming

Love the devs for this gorgeous and incredibly useful app! My only issue with it is there's no option for colors coding different tags. So I have to click on a task to see its tag instead of identifying tags of tasks at a glance from the entire list.. This should have been a no brainer to include.. Pretty much every other todo app has it, and for good reason. For example, I find it critically important to flag "Important" tasks as red..

Clean & Elegant

I’m so impressed with Things! It’s very clean and elegant. I’ve been using Things for a few years now. It keeps getting better. This latest version is so intuitive and powerful, yet remains uncluttered. I highly recommend it.


I’m a recent convert to GTD (still working my way through the book) and this app has proved invaluable in managing the myriad “stuff” in my life. As I’ve been using the app more and more, I’ve grown to appreciate features I never had much use for before (looking at you, Someday). My one request would be some type of weekly review feature to help me keep on top of items that have been sitting in the app for awhile and a way to see how long to-dos have been languishing in some forgotten project. I think this would help me make better decisions regarding what should get done when, and what should be delegated to “Someday.” Overall, thanks for making such a useful (and beautiful app). Couldn’t live without it!

GTD the perfect way

Apple has to replace it’s reminders to THINGS 3!!

Not scalable

While I just purchased the iPhone version US$10, I was disappointed to find I had to purchase the iPad app for US$20. And of course it can’t be used on an android device. All in all I’m sorry I purchased it.

Great Design for getting things done!

I've just started using the app. The tutorial was very informative and made it really easy to get oriented with Things. I LOVE the design! For me, it's intuitive and easy to use. I've tried many different to-do apps and Things seems to get the layout right. So far, i think it is worth the purchase. I'd recommend it!

Still disappointing

The more you try to with it the more difficult it becomes to use effectively. Probably really good for very simple needs but for those the cost is too high.

Best todo app

I have used them all instill use todoist at work as I am all pc and collaborate with others. But this app is so good if it’s share output was a little cleaner and the log could filter what I complete in a week I would use this for work as well it’s that good. Being able to set a deadline and reminders finally. Also love that repeated events don’t stay there in the way they go to the next time they are repeated why do so many todo apps get this wrong. I love areas and projects and lists very clear and concise with lots of options. Works great and the interface is beautiful with animations and thoughtful design. Keep up the great work guys.

Wonderful app, yet still frustrating!

I love this app. I've been a supporter since day one. I've sold the farm to purchase it on every available platform in every version they've ever released, and I don't regret it for a minute. I've spent my entire adult life developing software professionally in the mainframe industry, and so I believe in supporting good developers by paying them for their hard work. Things is a wonderful app that is loved by a lot of people. Just read the reviews. I'm one of them. I use it every day. But I absolutely despise the way Cultured Code pretends to take feedback from their loyal customers seriously, only to do nothing about it year after year. Version 3 is a big improvement, but the number of features still lacking after so many years is just breathtaking! There are far too many to list here, but the one that kills me is that we STILL cannot complete a recurring task early. Are you kidding me?! This is something that people need to do in real life on a regular basis! We've been begging for this feature for years, but as usual, our requests are completely being ignored. So, for example, if you have a task that repeats after completion, but you want to go ahead and get it done today, there is no way to mark it as complete in Things. Can't do it. Can't be done. You have to either delete the entire task and then re-create it and set up the whole recurring pattern again, or you have to wait until the task actually comes due, and then mark it as complete at that time... which then throws off your next actual due date. This architecture is so insanely archaic, words cannot begin to express how utterly frustrating it is to have to constantly work around this stupid problem. Hey guys, wake up! I'm one of your biggest fans, and I'm giving you a 2 star review! This is a problem that has been crippling your app for years, and your customers have been extremely patient dealing with it, but we shouldn't still have to be dealing with it in 2017!

Life Changing

I never write reviews. This app is life changing. Buy it.

Love but..

I wish it could some how be color coded with each tag.. or something.. makes it pop a little more..

Need more for $10

The app is described as having natural language processing, which it does not. Some features aren’t explained super well, and certain design elements are totally intuitive. I wish there was an option to have projects collapse within an area once tapped. The difference between reminders, upcoming, deadlines, anytime, and someday isn’t super clear.

Amazing Task App

Brilliant software. Things 3 is brilliant software and the Mac app is even better. The app has been quite a treat to learn, not to mention an amazing task management tool. Cultured Code thought of close to everything. Cloud sync works perfect too. Feature request: keep a record of the start date in the todo. After the todo hits the today box the start date goes away. It’s helpful to reference the date the task was started.


Quite possibly the best app I’ve ever used! I love how it allows me to do a brain dump and not have to worry about forgetting my important tasks. I especially love the relatively new feature of being able to set reminders. Thanks for listening!

Needs UX improvements

The new Things is visually beautiful, but needs a few UX improvements: - Show more than just one line of text per item. I shouldn’t have to tap into a task to read the whole thing. “Write shorter tasks” isn’t a good answer. - Show tasks that have a due date ABOVE those that don’t. The “someday” categorization to our those at the end of a project list requires additional taps. If I’ve given something a date, it’s MORE important than things that don’t have dates. - The app needs a share extension so that you can add items from other apps.

Flawless app for project managers

Beautifully created and powerful app. Perfect for project managers and c-level execs - lots of vertical and horizontal integration options.

Things is an ecosystem

This app is dope. I like it a lot. Sure it’s a little pricy but it’s the best of its type. It does everything right. My only gripe is it’s ecosystem. My workflow is based around multiple devices from Mac OS to Windows and IOS to Android. It would be nice for them to drop an Android App. Perhaps a Windows app or at least a web portal to access Things from a non Apple device.

I love Things

This is a great app. I use it regularly on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It syncs well. All my information is always accessible. I use the to-dos less, but as a project organization app, it is great.

Worth the Money!

I never write app reviews but this one is well worth the time. Easy to use. Easy to figure out. Not complicated like other productivity apps I have tried. Allows integration with iPhone calendar and widgets. I highly recommend it. It allows the user to keep it simple or go in-depth with check lists, tasks and/or projects. I like that you can personalize it to your own experience and your own needs. It’s not a one size fits all app that leaves you wanting more. I was leery of the price tag at first but for the cost of two Starbucks drinks I feel like my busy life is better managed. Thank you for making a great app.

Full Price is $70+

This app does NOT provide info across devices. You have to buy it on EACH device, and the Mac version is $50. For those of us who still know how to actually write ON PAPER, it’s a huge waste of money. There is nothing about this stand-alone phone app that is worth $5, much less $20.

Smart design, outstanding intro material

The start up tutorial and project were just what was needed to learn the basics of using Things 3. There was only one trouble spot that I had to puzzle over: adding new items to a checklist, which turned out to be done by pressing return - a logical method except I had it in my mind that all additions were made using the Plus+ so tried many things before realizing I was making it too complicated. We'll see how the tool holds up in use, but learning the basics was clear and easy. One nice change from other to do apps is that the inbox is handled correctly. You can dump your brain there until you figure out what action to take on each thought. Once you establish the action (do it today, assign a day or context or project, or stick it in a someday folder) the action leaves the inbox! Finally software that has a proper inbox function and separates the brain dump from the planning in a meaningful way.

One little request

I LOVE everything about this app! It helps me stay organized with both my family and work tasks/projects. My only request for improvement would be to add the ability to include photos. There have been plenty of moments where I’ve had to switch to another app because my visuals for a project were in another location.

Things is great!

I have to begin this by saying that the look and feel of Things keeps me wanting to stay caught up with my to do lists. It has such a simple aesthetic that makes you want to continue using it. I love it! The only thing I would add to it is some sort of natural language parsing so that I can type out an action, and it automatically knows the date/time I need it, what project it’s in, and things like that (no pun intended). Great work!

Good; but incomplete

The inability to complete repeating tasks early spoils what otherwise is a great app.

good app, but BORING.....

Organization seems good - functionality seems good - but this app is BORING..... There is no imagination. There is NO COLOR!! If you want to be a successful organizing app, you need some COLOR choices!! Also, using COLOR to help you to organize is very important to help you code things. If you want a good organizing app, check out: Awesome Note 2.

Almost Perfect

I can’t stress how useful, simple, and amazing this app is for me. I have tried many, including Todoist. Things 3 blows all of them out of the water in almost every aspect. The only reason I am not giving it 5 starts is in hopes the developers add a rewards/tracking feature. The more you input/keep up with your tasks, the more you level up. I’m sure this was on the board and was likely a trade-off made for simplicity. Yet it can always be added as an option, for those that like to have this. I personally want it because it keeps me motivated. I would say that is the only thing Todoist has over Things 3. If this feature is added, this app becomes without a question not only 5 starts, but the best of its kind.

Great Improvement

I really like the look and feel of the app. Very intuitive and useful options. But, But, But the lack of location based tasks is inconvenient adding another layer to a streamlined app. To know I have a task because of a reminder does no good when you just past it’s location minutes or hours ago. Having to have some tasks in 2Do / Reminders does not add to Thinks ease use. Please add location services ASAP to complete this App. Wouldn’t hurt to add a drake mode either.

Buy it!

I bought Things when it first came out. After the iPhone version I bought the Mac version. It was an excellent software in its simplicity but it was GTD oriented mostly and I do not like that methodology. Also, several functions were lacking. Yet, I used it for years! I bought Omnifocus for both platforms as well. Too much! Whereas Things was a task manager, Omnifocus was a project manager. Too many functions. And even now, ugly interface reminiscent of early DOS. I relegated Things and I canned all other task managers. Until now. This new version of Things is what it had to be when Werner and the Cultured Code were rocking! Once again, Things is the leader! Its design is flawless as usual. Its functionality is unmatched. It is once again the best there is. Costly? Compared to others, maybe. But if you are able to use it, you have an Apple product and they are not cheap. They are not cheap because they are the best there is. And so is this software. Buy it! The Apple watch app is one of the best there are. It is a match to the iPhone app.


Love the interface, but I live in my calendar. Alas, Things does not.

Not what I expected

It’s not as user friendly as I was hoping it would be. I just blew $10 on an app that I will have to really work with to get to know how to use. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to using apps but this one is not as easy as I had expected.

The task management app you've been longing for

What can I say? This app is amazing. It is the task management app that I have been desperately waiting for, for so long. As someone who read Getting Things Done by David Allen and loved the idea of GTD but realized that it was far too complicated for daily use, I'm so excited to finally have an app that foregrounds the best parts of GTD while enabling all of the advanced aspects (if you really want them) with a phenomenal UI. Once you throw in the fact that this app syncs perfectly with the Mac version and my Google calendar, it just blows everything else away. This is as good as apps get.

Best Todo List

As close to perfect as you will find and I’ve tried many todo apps; this is the one I always come back to.

Life saver and eye candy

I generally have a personal issue with iOS apps in general other than functionality, and it’s about design. Cluttered and confusing apps that required a lot of presses and tweaking to do a function makes me angry, and an app that doesn’t take care of details also makes me more angry. Things 3 combines beautiful minimal design with incredible functionality, providing maximum usability and productivity. I’ve used many apps, free and paid, but I don’t see any competitors to this great piece of software. 5 stars, for design and functionality.


So simple to use. I LOVE IT. Well worth the $10.

Simply Outstanding ✅🏆

I will echo the same sentiment from a previous reviewer (and I never write reviews either) that Things 3 is hands down the best todo app in recent years. Worth every penny. I have tried and deleted them all. The fact it is so simple yet it can do more complex Projects and what are called Areas is amazing. Import from Reminders and simple calendar integration is great too.

Incredible update to an already excellent app

Things 3 is one of the best iPhone applications I’ve ever used. It effortlessly combines intuitive design with powerful features, that manage to do everything you need without getting in your way. I hope Cultured Code continues to develop and innovate this app for years to come.

Things 3 is fantastic!!

Things 3 is everything I was missing in Things 2 and it's user interface/design is SO much better than I imagined, very thoughtfully planned and enjoyable to use. Great work!

Pretty great

Use this on phone, Mac and iPad. Would love to see location option for tasks (then location enabled reminders) and the ability to link tasks (like phone calls or emails or meetings) to contacts.


Is there a way I can give you more than 5 stars? I want to show my appreciation to your wonderful team!

Incredible Planner for Students

I was originally skeptical on paying $7 on a todo list app, but I’ve come to realize how great of an investment this was. I’m able to create many different headers in a project to categorize different classes I am taking! I no longer use a physical planner because this app takes care of that problem. The ease of use, simplicity, and great functionality is what led me to rating this app at 5 stars. Definitely worth the price!

Please add sub-areas!!

One of the major issues I've had with Things 3 is that there is still no ability to create sub-areas. I think this feature would be so beneficial for organizing projects & tasks. It's currently very difficult to track all of my responsibilities & goals without getting overwhelmed or confused by the lack of organization.

Best out there but

I love this app. It is the absolute best to-do app out there in my opinion. My opinion would be to not hesitate to buy it. However it still lacks the easy navigation and flow of some basic apps. First you cannot swipe from one day to the next. If I am looking at today, I have to go back to the menu, click upcoming and the scroll to the day I want to see. Why can I not just swipe right to see the coming days?? Seems like a very simple and obvious function. Also why is the “this evening” label something that cannot be applied in advance to a task?? Every day I have reoccurring tasks that I have to go to, select, hit “this evening” and then close. I should be able to select “this evening” when making the reoccurring task and just be done with it. I’m also confused with the ability to set a time with the task. Beside the fact that a notification will appear on your screen there is no time function within the day. What I mean to say is if I have a task set for 6 PM it just sits there with all the other tasks for the day they don’t have a time designated. There doesn’t seem to be away besides manually to re-order the apps based on the time that you have selected. Also if I select a time that is an evening why isn’t that task automatically moved to that this evening option I spoke of before. When importing events from the calendar it should also be able to import any notes or more details. Or in the least be able to open calendars once I click on the calendar event that was imported. Without a calendar view the added calendar events are just listed at the top of the day. It doesn’t seem to be able to integrate with the tasks so if I had a task that was set before a calendar event they would still feel separated. It doesn’t give you a today view in anyway of like planning your day. I also agree with some previous post is about the ability to have a different color text to make it more pleasing to look at and easier to decipher between projects and tasks. Finally like some have said I don’t understand why all the options are not available to you when you’re creating a task or making a project etc. Why do I have to select one option to get all the rest of the options. It’s very clunky. With all that said this app has the potential to be truly phenomenal and it’s not too far off already. Hopefully with the next few updates they will read the feedback we have provided and very easily make this app extremely easy to use, pleasing to look at, and unbeatable in its ability to replace all other apps and paper calendars/planners.

Love Things 3! Needs family collaboration

I’ve tried a ton of to-do list apps and project management apps, but Things 3 is by far the easiest to use. This app has allowed me to keep track of deliverables for complex projects and always ensure my responsibilities are completed on time. If there was one feature I’d wish they add is for Apple Family members to collaborate. We can all already download the app, but I cannot share lists and projects with my family. Things 3 is great for managing individual work, but comes up short when using it to manage your home life.

Love It, got great updates coming

Finally got clickable links for x-callback-urls in notes. Great update – well done! First time user of Things, just left OmniFocus and don't miss a thing exept what's described above. EveryThing is smooth and very easy to multi select and move tasks around. Also great with check lists, you can even paste a plain text list into a task to create the checklist if you so wish. Gets regular updates with bug-fixes, and now also clickable links for x-callback-urls in notes. Hope they will include attachments at some point, rather soonish ;) Don't mind no collaboration in Things (that would require Android and Windows versions as well, and a bit too much to ask for). Relying on Wunderlist for job related cross platform collaboration – as long as that lasts. (Most of my work team mates have Android phones) So, I don't mind to separate private and job related todos in two different apps. No problem at all :) Bottom line: Things is a life changer and well worth my money :)

The Best!

Tried many todo apps in the past couple of years, and Things is by far the BEST one I have ever used. I cannot go through the day without it. Its usability and user experience in general, is second to none. Full stop.

Lacking Customization for a Premium Price

This app seriously needs to offer some customization as 1-you can't change the font size and it's extremely small 2- The notification is just a little blip so you better be paying attention if you want to hear it. 3-Needs to have some notification sounds for reminders as it does not offer any 4- No location based reminders. 5-If you want to use Siri you need to give access to your reminders and then it deletes your reminders from the reminder app. I think for the high price of this app you would have more features. This is just a basic ToDo app

Decent, but it can easily be better

1. Keep the tags icon shown. Don't hide it when there's already tags on an item. Things changes the work flow when you go through many tasks. At least add the options to keep it shown in settings. 2. Swipe right needs to have more edit features. When you're editing an individual task, there's the "Move, Delete, More" menu down at the bottom. Add all the features of a task to that. As in, add "When", "Tags", "Deadline", "Move", etc - put ALL of them there. Then, when you swipe right to select many task, instead of having the "When, Move, Delete" menu at the bottom, just use the same menu as the individual task menu. This just adds consistency and allows us to edit more tasks quicker. Especially if I have a few tasks with the same deadline, I have to edit each individual task indepently and that takes forever. 3. Bring the keyboard hide button down with the keyboard. Or at least be able to drag it to the four corners of our content. This is really irritating with the plus models since I have to move my hands all over my phone just to put the keyboard away with the button. 4. Create a product key system so people can download the app for free, mess around with the demo project (just disable them to add anything other than what is described by the Project). Then, when they want to officially use the app, existing users can enter in their product key for a discounted upgrade price, and new users can purchase their product key for full price. This will allow people who are unfamiliar with the app to try it out, encourage existing users to stay, and maintain the $10 entry price. Obviously this system will have to keep track of which ipad/iphone/mac version of the app the user has purchased (to ensure the user pays the correct entry price), but that's three easy flags to keep track of.

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